Best Portable Waste Water Tanks

8 Best Portable Waste Water Tanks (Tote Tanks) 2024

(Last Updated: July 22, 2020)

One of the greatest things about portable wastewater tanks is their ability to allow you to travel anywhere without worrying about waste disposal. They allow you to empty your trailer’s black or grey tank into it for onward transport to the dump station without necessarily having to move your trailer.

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Camco Rhino Heavy Duty 28 Gallon Tank 9.9
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Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank – 42 Gallon capacity 9.4
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Barker Tote Tank – 30 Gallon Capacity 9.5
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Barker 16 Gallon 4-Wheeler  9.6
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Tote-N-Stor 25609 – 32 Gallon Capacity 9.3
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SmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank-35 Gallon 9.5
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SmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank – 35 Gallon 9.9
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VINGLI Tote Tank| 10 Gal/ 20 Gal  9.1

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However, finding the right portable waste water tank can be a little bit of a challenge. While they might seem like simple tanks that lug around unwanted fluids, their usefulness is unmeasurable. In this article, we review some of the best portable wastewater tanks in the market as well as give a detailed buying guide to help with the choosing. 



Features of a wastewater tank

Handle design

One of the most noticeable components of the wastewater tank is the handle. A long strong handle will allow you to tow your tank like a wagon with much ease. In addition, another durable short handle attached to the waste tank helps you tilt and lift the tank vertically at the time of emptying the contents.

Indicator fill

Most waste tanks are opaque. This makes it difficult for you to see how full your tank has gotten. Due to this, most manufacturers now produce tanks that come with a bobber gage or an indicator fill line. This will rise as the tank reaches its capacity, giving you ample notice to empty your waste tank before it’s too late.

Sewer hoses

The sewer hose is the most important connection in your wastewater tank. As such you would not want a product that comes with a cheap sewer hose. You should look for something that clamps on tight and long to accommodate the distance to the sewer connection. Wastewater tanks with transparent gooseneck connectors enable you to check to determine that you have fully emptied your waste at the dump station.

Dump valve

A wastewater tank that comes with a dump valve helps you prevent waste spillage from your tank. Some of the dump valves come in the form of screw connections while others have integrated gate valves. They can open and close with a slight pull of a handle.

Clean out valve

A cleanout valve is an extra cap at the opposite end of the sewer connection. Its function is to allow you to fit a freshwater hose into your tank when cleaning it.


Factors to consider when buying a wastewater tank

Material used

Look for a wastewater tank that is light to handle yet durable. A tank made of hard plastic material holds well even under extreme weather. With proper care, it can serve you for years and give you a good return on investment.


Consider the capacity of the tank vis-a-vis the number of users and the time in between which you will wish to be emptying your waste tank. Basically, the more the number of users, the larger the tank should be. Get the tank capacity that will best fit your needs.

Type of tank

Some tanks are made to hold both gray and black water, while others only can handle one. For greywater waste, either tank can work. But you may have difficulty working with a tank that is only meant to handle gray water when you also try to hold black water in it. Before making your purchase, be sure to confirm with the manufacturer on how the tank works.


Some wastewater tanks are heavy due to the fact that they are made of durable material, and become even heavier especially when they are full. Consider one that comes with an extended handle so that you can easily pull it when you are going to empty it. Getting a tote tank that comes with caster wheels that are made of rubber will help you move your tank much easier.

Budget and warranty

Get a tank that is within your set budget and meets your preferences. Ideally, a tank that comes with additional features and one that will last long, might make you spend more cash than you would on a simple one. Insist on a product that comes with a warranty. Most manufacturers give warranties extending up to three years. A good investment might cost you more but will be worthwhile in the long run.


Tips for using a wastewater tank

  • Do not let your tank to overfill. Empty the tank when it is around ¾ full. When you let it overfill, the residual in the hose will start spilling on the ground.
  • Where you are dumping both black and grey water, ensure to put black water in your tote tank first then grey water later. This is because the greywater helps in rinsing the hose of any residue left behind by the black water.
  • To prevent pressure build-up, open the vent cap on your tote tank but only at times when you are not moving it.
  • Where you have to transport the tank, tow it slowly so as to get all the contents safely to the dump station.
  • Do not rush while draining your tote tank. Slowly empty your wastewater into a dump station to avoid a poop shower, should there be any clog or venting issue. 



Best Portable Waste Water Tanks (Tote Tanks)2024


1. Camco Rhino Heavy Duty Tank (28 Gallon)

Let’s begin with one of the top-rated RV waste holding tanks in the market. The Camco Rhino 28 gallon capacity model is a heavy-duty tank with a low drain hole and sturdy wheels for convenient movement. It is made from sturdy blow molded HDPE material that is also UV stabilized for unrivaled durability. At a glance, you can tell that this is a beast designed to serve you for years on end. The overall quality of its construction reduces the risk of leaking or deterioration caused by excessive exposure to harsh weather elements like the sun. 

Apart from the quality exterior look and feel, this tank also boasts uniquely smooth interiors that don’t trap stinks. Cleaning the waste tank is easy, and you can get to all areas to effectively remove microbes that cause nasty smells. Moreover, the product features an integrated tank rinser that makes emptying and cleaning a piece of cake.


  • Durable leak-resistant construction
  • Sturdy wheels for easy maneuvers
  • Smooth interiors for easy cleaning
  • Conveniently integrated tank rinser
  • Easy transportation and emptying of waste (ready-to-use kit included)


  • Short sewer hose (only 3 feet long)


2. Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank (42 Gallon)

If you are searching for a smooth rolling tote tank, here is one of the best the market has to offer. This 4-wheeler tank features a conventional 3-inch waste valve that significantly enhances its user-friendliness. Forget the hassle of lifting the tank when emptying it and just open the valve to clear out the waste. Impressive right? With a 42-gallon capacity, you get plenty of storage for waste, even during those long road trips. 

The best part is that this tank is made of blown molded polyethylene, steel, and aluminum, which makes cleaning it super easy. The only concern we have is that some of these construction materials are highly hazardous. Make sure your kids don’t touch the tank at any point. The Barker was first fitted with plastic wheels, although the latest versions have more durable air-filled rubber wheels. These wheels are more robust and can roll over rocks without a problem.


  • Designed for smooth movements on different terrain
  • Heavy-duty construction for maximum longevity
  • Emptying and cleaning the tank is easy
  • Huge 42-gallon capacity
  • Easy to two behind a camper or trailer


  •  Some of the construction materials are not kid-friendly


3. Barker Tote Tank (30 Gallon)

If you have a thing for Barker tote tanks but feel that the 42-gallon tank is too big, you should consider getting this 30-gallon model. It is just big enough to get you around 2-3 day weekend trips with your friends or loved ones. For longer trips, a bigger tank would be necessary if you want to avoid the inconvenience of making frequent stops at dump and RV stations. The main difference between the Barker 30844 portable holding tank and the 31342 model is the size otherwise they are similar in most ways.

This tank is also made from aluminum, blow-molded polyethylene, and zinc-plated steel. Note that these are hazardous materials, and the tank must be kept out of children’s reach. Another difference is that this smaller tank only features two, instead of four rubber wheels. It’s easy to tow and pull, and it’s also conveniently designed to allow easy emptying. The pull handle and flushing hose come in handy to make draining and cleaning the tank a breeze. Other convenient extras included in the accessory kit are a bayonet cap, garden cap hose, stainless steel clamps, drain hose, and hose adapters.


  • Perfect tote tank for short 2-3 day trips
  • Designed for easy pulling and towing
  • A selection of accessories, including drain hose included
  • Arrives assembled and ready to use


  • Not the best option to use during long trips
  • Contains hazardous construction materials


4. Barker  4-Wheeler Tank (16 Gallon)

Barker is a US-based brand that has been around for over seven decades. Its commitment to producing top-quality, durable, and easy to use portable septic tanks has earned it a top spot amongst industry leaders. This brand also ticks for its alluring warranties and responsive customer service. The construction of Barker tote tanks gives them an edge above their competitors. While a blend of blown molded polyethylene, aluminum, and steel may not be the most eco-friendly construction materials, they are innovatively used to create a lightweight, leak, and spill-free tank.

This is a smaller tank with a 16-gallon capacity. However, it has 4 smooth-rolling wheels that make it super easy to pull or tow the waste to a dump station. This model is a real appeal to those that love going for solo adventures or on short 1-day trips with their loved ones. Like bigger tank models from Barker, this one also comes with a suitable array of extras. Most users also appreciate that it comes fully assembled, allowing them to use it right away.


  • Quality construction for unrivaled durability
  • Perfect capacity for short 1-day trips
  • Easy to use with 4 wheels and sturdy handle
  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • Useful accessories included


  • Not ideal for long, group trips


5. Tote-N-Stor 25609 (32 Gallon)

At a glance, it’s easy to assume that the Tote-N-Stor waste tank is too smooth and fragile to get the job done. This tank may not boast of rugged looks, but it is made of solid and thick HDPE plastic. Furthermore, it has an overall genius design that allows you to store your straight adapter, garden hose, sewer hose, hose clamp, and other accessories in a special compartment within the tank. From where I stand, there is nothing not to love about this product. It even features steel tow brackets, smooth and quiet rolling rubber wheels, and more. This is one of the few products in the class that is genuinely designed for easy emptying, cleaning, and towing.

Overall, this is a well-made portable grey water tank for RV that is reasonably priced. With a 32-gallon capacity, it serves as a perfect companion during those long RV adventures.


  • Durable construction and superb design
  • Comes with a range of useful accessories
  • Arrives assembled and ready for use
  • Huge 32-gallon capacity (ideal for longer trips)


  • Only 2 wheels — hard to move on sandy terrain


6. SmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank – 2 Wheels (35 Gallon)

If you are looking for the best portable RV waste water tanks ideal for just about any type of RV, I’ll give you good reasons to consider investing in the SmartTote2. First, this is a feature-packed product with a pocket-friendly price tag. Not so many tanks within the price range also come with an AutoStop™ gauge and universal bayonet, among other convenient features. Something else that makes it rank high among tote tanks is its user-friendliness. Unlike most tanks, this one comes with a pre-attached discharge hose. While some users find this awkward, I find it pretty convenient— you don’t have to go through the trouble of connecting, detaching, and reconnecting the hose each time you are using your tank.

Hands down, the AutoStop™ gauge feature turns this regular tank into a premium model. This gauge and the 90-degree elbow nozzle help to accelerate the process of emptying the tank.


  • Compatible with any type of camper or RV
  • Packed with features for enhanced user-friendliness
  • Pre-attached telescopic hose included
  • A premium model with a low price tag


  • The wheels could be better


7. SmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank – 4 Wheels (35 Gallon)

Next on the list is also a SmartTote2 model that is not so different from the Thetford 40503 from the same brand. The key difference is that this product has 4 instead of 2 wheels. The heavy-duty rubber wheels promote smoother rolling on different terrain. Better still, the two front wheels are fitted on the extendable handle, allowing easy hooking onto standard trailer hitches.

The Thetford 40519 is also a 35-gallon tank made from polypropylene. One of its prime features is the largemouth and vent port that allows the tank’s rapid emptying. This feature also takes the stress off cleaning and sanitizing the tank. Like the 2-wheel version, this model likewise has an AutoStop™ gauge. It helps to ensure faster discharge when draining and also and prevents overspills by activating once the tote reaches full capacity.


  • Top-quality and durable construction
  • Feature-packed for enhanced ease of use
  • Generous 35-gallon capacity
  • 4 wheels for smoother rolling on different terrain


  • Smaller tires make pulling the tank challenging on uneven terrain


 8. VINGLI Tote Tank (10/20 Gallon)

The Vingli tote tank is appealing to people who frequently go on a weekend or one-day RV adventures. This model is available in 10-gallon and 20-gallon capacity versions, and you simply need to choose a tank that best suits your needs. Irrespective of the tank’s size, you get a whole host of features that can make your life easier during short trips. Transporting the tank to dump stations is not a hassle thanks to the two reliable and wide wheels. You also get an integrated handle to make moving the tank more manageable. However, the best feature is the large diameter outlet that makes filling, draining, and cleaning the tank a smooth and effortless process.

Construction-wise, the strength, and durability of this tank are unrivaled. It is made from High-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is durable and sturdy plastic. This plastic is then blow-molded for added toughness and leak resistance. The absence of metal materials makes the tank ideal for storing potable water.


  • Sturdy and solid HDPE construction
  • Made using eco-friendly materials
  • A wide outlet for easy filling, draining and cleaning
  • Integrated handle and 2 smooth-rolling wheels for easy transportation
  • Arrives pre-assembled


  • Not the best option for longer RV trips



Handling wastewater is one of the few unpleasant parts of a camping or road trip. However, with the right wastewater tank, it does not really take too much time and you can easily get used to it. Thus a reliable portable waste tank is necessary. Buying the right tank for your needs requires you to have understood your travel as well as bowel habits, among other factors. Learning how to clean and maintain your tank even after buying it, is equally important to ensure proper functionality over a longer period of time.

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