Best RV Sewer Hose Supports

4 Best RV Sewer Hose Supports 2024

(Last Updated: August 14, 2020)

Many RV owners find the process of draining their black and gray tanks a distasteful one. However, it is a vital task that you have to undertake in a proper and timely manner. The process involves connecting your RV sewer hose to a dump station and then opening the valve to allow wastewater to drain out of your tank.

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Camco 20ft 43051 Sewer Hose Support 9.7
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Valterra 15ft Slunky RV Hose Support 9.6
AP Products Slunky Drain Hose Support  9.4
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Level-Trek LT80070 Hose Support 9.9

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As a way to enhance the effectiveness of this process, equipping your sewer hose with a set of support raises your hose off the ground at an ideal angle, reducing the risk of damage while promoting efficient drainage and preventing backups. With the market flooded with so many products, choosing the best RV sewer hose support may be overwhelming. This article will, therefore, offer a guide on how to make the best pick as well as highlight some of the best options available in the market.


Factors to consider when buying sewer hose supports

There are several considerations that you need to have in mind to guide you in knowing which product meets your needs and ensure the entire buying process becomes much more straightforward. These include:


Sewer hose supports come in different sizes. Knowing the length of your hose is critical to ensure that you pick a support that will suit your hose. Getting support that is too small could end up being a disaster. Go through the product description by the manufacturer to help you get the support that can handle and hold your sewer hose properly. Your support needs to be able to hold the weight of the sewer hose without any strain.


Get the support that is capable of working in different weather elements. A model that can work in various climates while withstanding lousy conditions. Good support should be able to easily go over rocks, turn and one made from a material that does not rust easily. Go through shoppers’ reviews to ensure that the product is capable of meeting your needs. Where the product might have any adaptability shortfalls, then you are assured of knowing about them in these reviews.


Good hose support should provide a high level of durability. It needs to be one that is made from sturdy material that can withstand heavy usage without damaging easily. The quality of products differs from model to model. You, therefore, need to carry solid research of the available options before making a final decision. Check for product warranty as a pointer to stability. For instance, a manufacturer would not offer a long warranty for a product whose durability is wanting. Given this insight, move to buy a product with a longer warranty.

Ease of cleaning

Due to the hygiene sensitivity involved in using sewer hose supports, the product requires frequent cleaning. To avoid unnecessary stress during maintenance, get support with an easy cleaning process. Most brands in the market tend to advertise, in the product description, an easy to clean process as it tends to be a crucial selling point for this particular product, for obvious reasons.


Choose hose support that is lightweight. This will enable moving it from one point to another much easier. A light support is easier to fold and store, making its usage much less of an effort. Aluminum models tend to have a much lighter design vis a vis those made of plastic material. 


A 30-foot hose support is expected to cost more than 15-foot support. Have a well-constructed budget that takes into account all the features and preferences you are looking for in a product. Your budget should be realistic and logical, taking in mind that a lesser budget will lessen by a large margin, the product choices available to you..



Review of Best RV Sewer Hose Supports 2024


1. Camco 20ft 43051 Sewer Hose Support

Add a layer of protection to your sewer hose with the Camco 20 ft sidewinder RV sewer hose support. You’ll love the sturdy and lightweight construction of this sewer hose support for RVs, campers, and trailers. It can stand most abuses and elements, including corrosion and rust. Connect it to your RV or trailer to prevent punctures and damages to the sewer hose. It tightly cradles around obstacles to enhance drainage.

Featuring interlocked hinges and deep cradles, the sewer hose support will hold your sewer hose in place with no need to use straps. Intended to be reliable and simple, the Camco sewer hose support extends to way over 20 feet longwise without causing creeping issues. Cleaning and maintaining this hose support is simply easy and fun. You just need to hose it off and allow air to dry it off. The sewer hose support is angled to drain sewer hose contents at high points of 7.25 inches and low points of 4 inches. The cradles decrease in height to create gentle downward slopes when the hose is close to the septic connection to optimize drainage quality.


  • Superior endurance
  • Folds easily and nicely
  • Light in weight
  • Stronger warranty


  • Short
  • Quite pricy


2. Valterra 15ft Slunky RV Hose Support

Are you looking for hassle-free yet user-friendly hose support that matches your taste and preferences? Valterra 15 ft Slunky RV hose support is likely what you crave for. It collapses to 15 inches, and so it can be stored virtually anywhere. Quickly get this hose support mounted to your RV by first extending it, wrapping the variable chain round the RV pipe opening before you finally fasten it to the hose. Valterra Slunky RV hose support stands out in terms of simplicity and flexibility. It’s a simple design, however, makes it not so good a choice if your camping destination needs more sophisticated products. It has a solid build-quality characterized by ultraviolet coating to protect against the toxic weather elements. It’s good to know that this hose support has a deep pocket design that ensures greater stability and versatility. 

Available in three tie-down straps, this hose support is lightweight and can be stored with ease. I can’t fail to mention that Valterra 15ft Slunky has a textured base, enabling it to sit well in grass and gravel surfaces. Flexibly designed, the unit curves well around obstacles. Also, the hose support has metal hinges designed to enhance its durability and strength.


  • Durable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Greater stability
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Easy to store and install


  • Perfect for basis installation
  • Not so flexible


3. AP Products Slunky Drain Hose Support 

Does your camping destination need more sophisticated products, or you just want your RV to look high-end? The 007-1000 AP products Slunky drain hose support fits you perfectly well. It has a lightweight and compact framing but can handle more weight. Enjoy a lasting performance and superior resistance to pressure and toxic elements, credit to its metal hinges.

Its pocket design enables it to comfortably sit on any even surface with minimal to no instability issues. Store it anywhere with ease since the self-fastening strap makes that possible. It cradles tightly around obstacles while giving you optimal elevation. The unit offers a whopping 25 feet inlet and outlet support. Since it doesn’t have a kinked hose, you won’t experience issues with fluid backups. Owing to its flexible design, this drain hose support allows for convenient placement to offer continuous fluid flow and support. Enjoy no troubles and less assembling work with this Slunky drain hose support by AP products. You can set the drain hose support anywhere between 10 to 25 feet to ensure proper drain elevation.


  • Pretty durable
  • Superior resilience and strength
  • Good build quality
  • Stable and flexible
  • Great value for money


  • Complicated setup
  • Unstable on uneven surfaces


4. Level-Trek LT80070 Hose Support

I can’t wrap up this review without mentioning level-trek LT80070. This is a highly versatile and practical solution designed to suit all travel styles and requirements. The unit is constructed of lightweight yet durable plastic, enabling it to fit any campsite layout. It collapses to allow for easy and secure storage. Get this sewer hose support if only your sewer hose doesn’t exceed 10 inches long. Enjoy great elevation and quality drainage, thanks to its slope angled design that angles and elevates your hose sewer to perfect its performance. You’ll be surprised to realize that the unit can be angled to obstacles such as holes and punctures. Most customers found this sewer hose support easy to install and angle for efficient operation. 

It does compress just like other products, but we can’t tell the exact size it shrinks to. The pricing is within the average buyer’s budget. Also, the unit can stand most abuses since it is designed to be strong and durable. The deep-groove design of the Level-Trek LT80070 ensures it can stabilize and secure your sewer hose perfectly well.


  • Folds easily
  • Easy to store and deploy
  • Quite durable and reliable
  • Easy to angle and position


  • Quite costly
  • Not fit for all travel needs



With the right RV sewer hose support, the process of emptying your waste tank can be less unpleasant and messy. Sewer supports hold your hose in position and ease the drainage of your wastewater at the dump station. Giving you time to relax and enjoy your camping experience. A good sewer hose support goes a long way in making your RV a healthier abode and one that is free from foul smell. 

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