My name is Wilkinson, George Wilkinson. There… that almost sounded like “Bond, James Bond”, didn’t it? However, unlike Bond, my name is not what I am known for. Rather, I guess I am known for my contagious enthusiasm for the outdoors. I am driven by the belief that nature is for us all, and for the future generations too, to enjoy. That is why I created my website, CampingAndCamping.com to share my enthusiasm with you.

Me Hiking

Since I made my first camping trip, I have been driven by the belief that your love for the outdoors does not mean that you should skimp on the basic comforts of life, when you out there on the camping site watching the stars. Being lovers of nature ourselves, yes, I almost forgot to tell you, I am married to one wonderful woman and we have two great kids, my wife will not let me be, until I can keep my readers updated with camping tips from my experience and reviews of camping items. One thing that the four of us, and our dog share, is our love for the outdoors. You will never catch us indoors during a clear-sky day.

So what’s the deal? You ask. Well, the deal is that here, I bring you everything that you may need to know about camping, and generally, about the outdoors. I also bring you the items that every camping enthusiast must carry with them to enjoy life on the road and in the different camping sites that they will frequent. The reviews section of this site is full of high-quality reviews of camping gear and the blog section brings you lots of valuable tips and tricks about camping.

From tents, camping beds and air mattresses, camping chairs, camping showers and toilets, I will inform you about everything that you need to enjoy life in the outdoors. In addition whether you are a beginner camper or an experienced one, we are always available to share our enthusiasm with you, and we will share our experience to make yours even more beautiful.

And the deal breaker…

We know just how hard it can be for you to find the right air beds and mattresses, camping cots, chairs, toilets and all the countless other camping stuff. You see, there are so many brand names and models and since all of them claim to be the best, it can be a hard for a newbie to choose the best.

And that is where I have gone a mile further to bring you product reviews from the best brands, products that I (or people that I know) have actually used and can vouch for. Being a camping freak for a long time, I know how to clinch the best prices and I am willing to share places where you can get these deals, with you.

And I will not let you buy blindly, because I will bring you buying guides for as many items as you may need, and many that you may not need. What’s more, if you want to go camping and you do not know what to take with you, get in touch with me through my contact page and I will advise you appropriately.

Finally, my nature joke for you…

I couldn’t resist this… so allow me, I know it’s an old joke, but please do indulge this old boy from San Francisco…

A man and his nephew went camping. Deep at night, the man called his nephew. “What do you see?” He asked. “The moon, the stars, the sky”, he replied. “And what does that tell you?” “It tells me that God is great, and that the universe is bigger than all of us, and that it is about 3.00 AM. And you?”
“Well”, his uncle replied, “It tells me someone stole our tent.”

There, when camping, it is better to be nature-smart than book-smart.