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(Last Updated: August 16, 2017)

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Everything You Need To Know About Camping

Welcome to – the place where you will find tips, tricks and gear reviews which will make your life on the campsite and beyond comfortable and accommodating. From the best camping cots to chairs, sleeping bags, tents an much more, we leave nothing to chance. On this site, we believe that even when on a camping vacation, you do not have to skimp on the comforts of life. That is why we bring you every bit of information that you may need about camping.

We will guide you on what outdoor camping supplies to buy and how to use them. If you are a camping freak, you know very well that comfort out there is not an option; it is a necessity. Being away from your home is hard enough but you can get a respite by bringing the most basic things for your comfort away from home.

Check time – do you have everything you need?

Whether you are using your car, motorhome, caravan or are just going hiking, there are a few essentials that you should always carry with you. Do you have them? Luckily, even if you are a first-time camper and do not know what you need, here, we not only bring you the best items, but we also teach you many survival tips for camping.

Camping packing checklist

So here we go…

  • First aid kit – need we say that is the most basic of all essentials? And update it please, have the latest tablets, medicines, sterile scissors and clean bandages.
  • Portable water filter – why water filter? You do not have to carry a lot of drinking water. You can filter water directly from the source and drink it.
  • Any special medication? For example, if you do take insulin jabs, do not forget to bring them with you. Remember your sunscreen too, insect repellents and so on.
  • Sanitary essentials, especially for ladies. Aunt Red will not take a break just because you are taking a camping vacation.
  • The right camping attire – boots, cargo pants and shorts, heavy jackets, head wear and so on.
  • A few good reads – seriously, who even leaves home without a book to read?
  • Means of communication, GPS and other tech necessities.
  • Carrying a survival kit for every person on the trip is also advisable. When you are away from home, it is better to err on the side of caution.

Make the camping site a home away from home

But comfortable camping is not about beds and cots only. It is also about carrying everything that you need. When you are going out there on a camping vacation, you can never be too prepared. That is why this site is dedicated to teaching you about camping. We will help you create a home away from home, well, perhaps not as good as your home, but good enough.

Our constantly updated blog gives you tons of valuable information about camping which we have accumulated throughout the years. Check it out here.

We are a one-stop center for camping tips and equipment

Now, here is the deal breaker… you see, when you are already planning to go camping, you already have more than enough on your mind. Preparing for a trip can be hard, especially if you have children.

Do you remember the chaos in the movie Home Alone on the eve of their trip to Paris? That is the same thing that you could be experiencing when preparing for a camping trip, only that it will be almost double or thrice that chaotic.

You want to find everything under one roof so that you can buy cheaply and save time. Even if you are buying online, you want to find a supplier like us who can get you the best air beds for camping, camp chairs, showers and everything else. That way, you will have a lot of time left on your hands to do your packing.

Here, we bring you everything that you may need for your camping trip. What’s more, even if you do not know what you need, we will help you find it. Here are some of the items that you can order online. Note, do not leave for your camping trip until you have everything that is mentioned here. These are the things that are most important for any camping vacation to be a success.

Camping cots

Get camping cots that will make your stay out there easy and when it comes to sleeping time, this is the closest thing to a bed that you will have. These camping cots come in all sizes, shapes and colors. There are some for children and other for grownups. Among some of the features that you will be looking for in a camping cot include folding for easy portability, polyester cover which is washable and yet others come with a cozy foam mattress.

Camping cot

And no, all cots are not the same, not in prices or the features they come with. For example, some are just rudimentary in nature, that is, you can just fold, toss it in your motor home and go. Others have large frames that will firmly hold an air mattress, which will make your sleeping time at the camping ground quite enjoyable. Remember, we bring you cots from different, but well reputed brand names in the market to cater to different budgets and needs. We even tell you about oversized tent cots that are best for people who love sleeping in the open outdoors.

Air beds and mattresses

Nothing says I know camping like high quality air beds and mattresses. As we told you before, this is a one-stop center for everything that you may need for camping. As we have done with everything else, we bring you the best quality from known brand names for camping air beds and well, everything is covered by manufacturer’s warranty. Some of the air beds that we bring you here have hand-operated manual pumps, others have battery-operated pumps and yet others have an electric pump, that is, if you are going to sleep close to your vehicle.

Camping bed air mattress

Depending on your needs, we bring you light or heavy-duty air beds. The former is for portability, that is, an easy-to-carry bed when you are going hiking and the latter is for people who want comfort. Do remember that different camping mattresses have different capacities.

Sleeping bags

Choosing sleeping bags for camping is a bit hard, but not impossible. We will help you choose the right one. If you are going camping in summer, you will need a sleeping bag that has a temperature rating of 35° F (2° C) and higher. For winter, you will need one that is rated at 10° F (-12° C) and if you need a 3 Season sleeping bag, look for one rated at between 10° F and 35° F (-12° C and 2° C). If you are going camping in a place that is really cold, then we would recommend you buy a sleeping bag with a temperature rating of 0° F (-18° C).

Sleeping bags for camping

If you need a sleeping bag for women, we bring you many, which are made to accommodate the contours of a woman’s body. There are also sleeping bag varieties for children.

We also bring you the best bags in different shapes. While many people prefer the mummy bags because they retain warmth, you may require synthetic filled one or a natural down one.

There are many more considerations to make for a sleeping bag, but we will assist you choose the best one.

Camping chairs

Huge, strong, cozy… add a few more adjectives for the camping chairs that we bring you. If you are a reading freak and a book is the first thing that you pack when going camping, you need to bring a chair along so that you can lounge and read comfortably. In addition, you older folks can lounge about comfortably and lazily as the youngsters explore their surroundings. Such small comforts as these make camping even more fun.

Camping chairs

What will you be looking for particularly when you are buying a camping chair?

  • Comfortable strap for carrying your chair around
  • Cup holders
  • Ventilations at the back
  • High or low back? Depends on you
  • Should be foldable and lockable
  • Should be light for portability, easy to set up and you know, a chair that can stand a lot of abuse. It will have to be thrown in out of the van, dragged across sands and bad terrains.

Camping showers and toilets

When you go camping, one of the things that can worry you to the moon and back is lack of proper and eco-friendly toilet facilities. Come on, you have to do Mother Nature one good turn here, and bring along proper waste management equipments. They do not come any better than the camping toilet and shower varieties that we bring you here. For your ablutions, well, that you are not at home does not mean that you have to smell like a Billy goat. Let’s look at each briefly:

Camping showers

For urban folks who are outdoor freaks and love going camping from time to time, the camping shower is a must-carry item. Out there, this is the only promise of a refreshing start to the day as well as a refreshing evening after a hard day of hitting the trails. Whenever a shower is mentioned, what comes into mind mostly is privacy, comfort and hot water. Is this possible when you are not at home? Of course. Here, we make anything that is related to camping possible.

Camping shower

Here is what we bring you:

  1. Tank-less showers are great for using inside your RV and they are connected to the piping system of the RV. The water heats fast, and it can use water from a garden hose if there is one nearby. Since it will not require a water pumping system, this shower is lighter than most others.
  2. Solar powered showers are best for summer camping when there is a lot of sun. You just need to make sure the shower is powered up so that you can enjoy a hot gushing shower in the woods. These camping showers are usually lighter than their propane or tank-less showers.
  3. There is the battery-powered shower, which is not going to give you hot water since it, doesn’t have a solar or a propane heater, but it will get you as much water as you need from the source. However, if you need a hot bath, do not let this little limitation stop you. Just heat the water, pour it into a bucket or a water tank and then pump it out with the battery-powered camping shower. Takes just a little more time to do it, but hey, anything for a hot shower, right?
  4. Propane showers are great for all weather camping because unlike their solar powered counterparts, these do not depend on the sun. Rather, the water pumping system of this shower is connected to the propane heater, which will heat the water. Note that these showers are a bit heavier and are best when hauled around in a car.

Camping toilets

What pops into mind when you hear about camping toilets? Sanitation and communing with nature. Mostly, the camping toilet will have its own waste bag, which turns waste into an odorless and gel-like substance. The toilets are foldable and if you take good care of yours, you can use it for a long time.

Among the most popular models are toilets that are flushable, have lids and seats just like regular toilets, and a water tank too. Such will also have a holding tank and this will have an indicator that alerts you when the tank needs emptying. That is very convenient. For such a toilet, you will have to carry the “content” with you in the boot of your car or RV, until you can get to a public waste disposal place or until you get home. Not to worry though since there are chemicals that will make the contents easier to handle.

Camping toilet

Other considerations for you include portable toilets with toilet paper. This (toilet paper) is not standard issue, but it comes with specific models. So read the description before buying. You may also have to buy a pop-up tent so that you can pop it up anywhere to give you privacy as you do your highway-side ablutions. If you do not have a pop-up tent though, take your toilet into the bush with you and commune with nature as birds and crickets chirrup in the background, real Tarzan-of-the-jungle style.

Look for toilet chemicals in liquid, tablet or other forms to add to the holding tank to make your content odorless and manageable.


There, you have all the information that you need to make sound choices regarding your camping essentials. Now, here, we have mostly brought you generic information about camping items. However, you can check later in our reviews section as we look at the features, pros and cons of every different camping items mentioned here.

Meanwhile, enjoy your camping vacation!