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10 Best Jobsite Radios 2024

(Last Updated: August 13, 2020)

There is no denying that some audio entertainment goes a long way to make work fun and less tedious. However, using your regular home radio or your smartphone for such kind of entertainment can be more destructive than entertaining. This is why you need a job-site radio. These radios are built specifically for the noisy unforgiving work environment. Most are rugged and loud.  

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DEWALT Jobsite Compact Radio 9.5
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Bosch Bluetooth Power Box Jobsite  9.6
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DEWALT Radio & Battery Charger Jobsite  9.7
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DEWALT Jobsite Radio and Battery Charger  9.5
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DEWALT Bluetooth Jobsite Radio and Battery Charger (DCR025) 9.9
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Milwaukee Dual Chemistry Jobsite Radio  9.5
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Ridgid Corded Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth 9.6
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Milwaukee Electric Jobsite Radio and Charger 9.8
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Sangean Ultra Rugged Compact AM / FM Radio 9.0
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Compact Technologies Travel Pillow  9.2

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Apart from checking job-site radios reviews, here are some qualities of the best job-site radios that you need to look at. 

  • High quality, clear sound. Good sound quality is dependent on the speaker of the radio. A good speaker should have an RMS rating of at least 5 watts. If the radio comes with tweeters and woofer, you may just as well listen to great sound but at the expense of your battery charge. 
  • Tough and durable. A tough construction is important because your radio should withstand falls, knocks, and impacts often associated with busy work environments, without getting damaged. 
  • Dust and weather protection. Water resistance rating should be among the top features you should be looking at. It is important to note that very few radios are waterproof therefore you still need to exercise caution and prevent your radio from immersion situations. Dust resistance is equally important since Job Sites are typically dusty outdoor environments. 
  • Multiple powering options. Most radios will run on AC and rechargeable battery power. Still, others can accommodate dry cells. The downside of rechargeable or dry cell power is that they will put in some extra weight on your radio. The good, they are pretty reliable particularly in places with no access to AC power. 
  • Ability to charge batteries and other devices. A job-site radio with USB port comes with the ability to charge your audio storage devices and your rechargeable battery for some. However, to charge your batteries, your radio needs to be connected to an AC outlet. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth and USB connectivity lets you play or stream files from other audio devices including smartphones and MP3 players. Some radios come with a storage compartment in which you can keep your devices as you listen to your favorite playlist. 
  • AM/FM. Having the flexibility to listen to your favorite AM or FM stations is definitely a plus which most job-site radios have. How clear a station is received depends on several things including the antenna of the radio. In addition, there are a few with the weather channel capabilities. 
  • Other special features. There are other unique features that you can look out for in a radio. For instance, you can come across a job-site radio with built-in CD player, stereo sound, backlit LCD screen, and more. 



Best Jobsite Radios 2024

Our review today features an in-depth job-site radio comparison and analysis of the top models in the market. These units stand out for one reason or the other. We hope that this review will help you make an informed decision during purchase. 


1. DEWALT Jobsite Compact Radio

The Dewalt DCR018 Jobsite Radio has the advantage of being small and lightweight, weighing only 7.1 lb. This unit has been designed to be powered by either an AC or DC power. Its package includes an AC power cord if you opt to use electric power. Additionally, it is outfitted with a USB port for charging it when connected to an electric outlet. Alternatively, run it on 12 V MAX, 18V NiCad, 18 V Li-Ion, or 20 V MAX DEWALT batteries. 

This radio features a 3.5 mm Auxiliary input which lets you play CD, MP3, portable satellite receivers among other audio devices. In addition, it comes integrated with a cord wrap to keep your cords safely within the unit when not in use. It is also fitted with a storage box to protect your smart devices. Additional features include a backlit LCD screen, a digital, 5 AM and FM settings, a digital tuner, as well as a top carry handle. 

Overall, this radio is solidly built with durable plastic and will withstand the rough job-site environment quite well. It is also a good offsite radio. 


  • Flexible as it is both AC and DC powered 
  • Integrated roll cage and storage box keeps the radio from damage 
  • Good sound output 
  • Compact and solidly built


  • Drains charge fast 
  • No Bluetooth connectivity


2. Bosch Bluetooth Power Box Jobsite 

At a glance, This workstation radio by Bosch looks rugged and strongly built and indeed it is. It is enclosed inside a durable aluminum and rubber cage to prevent it from easily getting damaged. It is compact and portable, only weighing 24 lb.

In addition, it comes with other impressive features. The PB 360 C Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth connectivity over a 150 feet distance allows you to play and stream audio content from smart devices. Secondly, it produces top-quality all-round stereo sound thanks to the inbuilt four-way speakers and subwoofer. In addition to this, it will allow you to set your sounds just the way you like it with the bass, treble, and equalizer controls.

It features a 5 volt USB charging port for mobile phones and a   battery charger that works when the radio is connected to a 120 volt AC outlet. This radio can also be powered by Bosch 18 volt Li-ion battery.  


  • Bluetooth enabled 
  • Integrated battery charger 
  • Charges devices via USB 
  • Produces quality stereo sound


  • 24 lb seems heavy 


3. DEWALT Radio & Battery Charger Jobsite 

DEWALT DWST 17510 radio is powered through a 120-volt AC connection or through 12 V and 20 V Max, 20 V and 60 V FlexVolt and DEWALT’s Lithium-ion batteries which it also charges through the fast USB charging port when connected to an AC outlet. An in-built compartment helps keep your mobile device safe as you play your favorite playlist. 

This radio produces impressive bass and treble sounds thanks to the four full-range 360 ° speakers, subwoofer, along with a brass resonator. It features Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to pair it with smart devices to access saved playlists and stream audio content. 

The DWST17510 stacks well on the TSTAK module making it easy to transport all your items together easily and safely. Additional features in this radio include a color flip screen and touch-sensitive buttons which allow the user to operate it fast and easy as well as an IP 54 rating for weather and dust resistance. 


  • Excellent sound production
  • Two power options
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • TSTAK stackable makes it portable 


  • Its tuner has a rather unstable performance
  • Doesn’t display time on its screen 


4. DEWALT Jobsite Radio and Battery Charger 

Looking for a Jobsite radio with battery and charger, this one from DEWALT comes with a 2 A battery charger. Thanks to the Class D amplifier, twitters, and woofers, this radio produces full range crisp sound on both high and low settings. Additional storage is integrated to protect other devices that you will connect to your radio through the USB or the auxiliary port. 

It is powered by 12 V MAX or 20 V MAX DEWALT lithium-ion batteries when you need to use it as a cordless radio. Otherwise, plug it to 110 V AC power outlet. This radio is designed with a USB port which can be used to charge it as well as connect it to an audio device. An auxiliary port integrated into its design also serves the same purpose of connecting it to audio devices including CD, MP3, and others.  


  • USB port used for both connection to devices and charging the radio 
  • Rugged construction 


  • No Bluetooth connection 
  • Not weather resistant 


5. DEWALT Bluetooth Jobsite Radio and Battery Charger (DCR025)

DEWALT’s DCR 025 radio is powered by a 20 V or 60 V FLEXVOLT lithium-ion batteries by DEWALT or through a power cord connected to an AC outlet. When plugged to AC power, this radio will charge lithium-ion batteries through the 2.1 AMP USB connection. It connects to audio devices through Bluetooth over a 100-ft range or through the auxiliary cord but not through USB connectivity.

This radio is designed with an easy-grip control knob and a built-in equalizer. Overall, DEWALT models are some of the best battery powered job-site radios even though most come with two power options.  


  • Built-in equalizer for quality sound production 
  • Loud enough for the noisy workshop environment 
  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity


  • USB function is limited to charging the lithium-ion batteries 
  • Not water resistant


6. Milwaukee Dual Chemistry Jobsite Radio 

2890-20 M18 Jobsite Radio is a great option if you are looking for a well-protected radio that will withstand the cruel workshop environment without getting damaged too fast.  Made of high-carbon steel and rubberized caps to absorb impact, this radio is not just wear-resistant but also pretty long-lasting. It is built with a storage compartment located at the back of the radio for storing your smartphone or other devices safely while charging through the 2.1 A USB port. 

Among the incredible features that make this radio stand pout are the digital AM/FM tuner coupled with the integrated antenna which let you set up to 10 of your favorite stations. Alternative, play your favorite playlist straight from an audio device by connecting it with the 3.5 mm auxiliary cable. 

This radio is powered by M18 18 V batteries or a standard AC power outlet connection. The radio features a stackable design for easy transportation along with other items. 


  • Well protected from impact by rubber end caps 
  • Stackable design for easy transportation 


  • No Bluetooth connection
  • Does not charge  batteries when connected to AC outlet


7. Ridgid Corded Jobsite Radio with Bluetooth

Rigid R 84087 is made of tough plastic on its outer along with an ergonomic handle for easy handling and transportation. It features two power options, using 18 V rigid batteries or by connecting it to an AC outlet with the provided power cord. It is also designed with a storage compartment in which you can store your smartphone or audio devices while playing your favorite playlists from them. The USB port functions as a charger for your devices. 

This radio is Bluetooth enabled. Through the Bluetooth connection, you can control it remotely through the Rigid app installed on your smartphone. The application lets you tune your radio, set up to 20 favorite stations, control bass and treble sounds, monitor battery charge, play your saved lists, as well as switch between the AM and FM and between Bluetooth and Auxiliary function. 


  • Rigid App compatible for fast and easy control 
  • Solid construction 
  • Allows you to stream audio content 


  • USB function is limited to charging devices and not batteries


8. Milwaukee Electric Jobsite Radio and Charger

Nearly a century on and Milwaukee Electrical Tools, one of the best brand of job-site radios, has maintained a track record of producing some of the most functional and durable power tools and accessories. This job-site radio speaks of the same power and durability. More than that, the weather-sealed storage box will keep your smartphone and other audio devices safe and protected from water and other elements. 

It comes with a powerful sound system, thanks to the 40 Watt amplifier and the integrated speakers. Along with an equalizer that lets you customize the sound, this radio is obviously designed to bring out the best of sound. It comes with 10 station-presets and is Bluetooth enabled to allow you to stream content by pairing with your audio devices within a 100-feet range. 

Milwaukee 2792-20  Job-site Radio is designed with a built-in charger which is capable of charging the M 18 lithium-ion batteries plus your smartphone. This radio is also powered through an AC connection. 


  • Battery charging capability
  • Designed with a carry-handle
  • Water-tight storage box 


  • Volume knob limits the volume you can set to a few clicks 
  • The USB port is limited to the charging function


9. Sangean Ultra Rugged Compact AM / FM Radio

This job-site radio by Sangean is sturdily built with industrial-grade ABS plastic and rubber shock blocks to protect it from impact. It is enclosed in a  protective frame to keep it safe in the rough work-site environment and comes with a carry handle. This radio is a good bet for both indoor and outdoor use since it is rated JIS4 for splash resistance and has also been built to withstand dust. 

The LB-100 Job-site Radio comes with a PLL synthesized tuner which together with its flexible antenna for reception. It features 5 AM and 5 FM preset stations and incredibly loud sound thanks to its 5.25-inch full-range water-resistant speaker. It also features a customization equalizer with six presets including bass boost, acoustic, and jazz. Other impressive features in this radio include the backlit LCD screen which displays the time and station, and easy-to-use control knobs, AUX-in plug, Bluetooth connectivity, and a built-in charger. 

This radio is powered by four C batteries or through an AC power connection.  


  • Great sound for the noisy work-site environment 
  • Precise tuning 
  • Easy to use volume control knobs and buttons for AM/FM station selection 
  • Rugged durable design


  • The maximum volume gets a bit distorted especially when powered by batteries 
  • The small antenna may not produce the best reception
  • Batteries only charge when the radio is turned off


10. Sangean Ultra Rugged Rechargeable Digital Tuning Radio

Like other Sangean jobsite radios for sale, the U 4 features a rugged construction enclosed in a protective impact-resistant roll-cage. However, it comes with the higher IP 64 rating for protection against dust and immersion making it best suited for remote work stations. 

This model comes with more advanced features including 20 preset stations including 5 FM 1, 5 FM 2, 5 AM, and 5 NOAA weather bands. It is outfitted with a digital tuner, LCD backlit display, and a dual alarm. The Sangean U 4 produces top-quality customization sound. The rotary sound control system makes this possible plus the flexibility of turning the loudness on and off. 

It has three power options through an AC outlet or through both rechargeable and dry cell batteries. It is integrated with a smart charger for charging the batteries and smartphones along with an LED indicator which shows the level of charging.

The U 4 model also comes with both Bluetooth and AUX-in connectivity which let you stream your favorite content from other audio devices. Additionally and quite uniquely, it supports apt X decoding which minimizes latency and audio-coding delays while improving the overall sound quality of music. 


  • Water and dustproof
  • Powerful loud and quality sound 
  • Battery back-up for the clock, station-presets, and other basic functions 
  • 20 preset stations including weather alert-channels 


  • Lacks a USB port 
  • With batteries on, it becomes a little too heavy 



A job-site radio is definitely a good investment at your workstation. It should be lightweight, compact, and be able to produce loud sound quality. The best compact job-site radios are also durable and easy to operate. However, this is not enough. No matter how rugged your radio looks, this does not mean that it will not get damaged. You still need to take care of it well. 

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