Best Manual and Electric RV and Travel Trailer Stabilizer Jacks and Tripods

19 Best Manual and Electric RV and Travel Trailer Stabilizer Jacks and Tripods 2024

(Last Updated: August 17, 2020)

Driving for a long time can be hectic even for seasoned RVers that once you reach your destination, all you want to do is take a good rest and enjoy your vacation. But that can be impossible when your RV is unstable. RV stabilizer jacks are intended to take off this headache. They prevent the horizontal and vertical motion of your RV. Stabilizer jacks can be a manual, electric, or hydraulic lift. The cost-effective manual jacks can be fixed behind your hind axle to balance the travel trailer on the spot. 



Best Manual RV Stabilizing Jacks and Tripods 2024

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Ultra-Fab 19-950001 King Pin Tripod 9.6
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Eaz-Lift 48850 Heavy Duty Gooseneck Stabilizer    9.2
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BAL 23225 Jacks (2 Pack) 9.1
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Dumble RV Slide out Stabilizer Jacks 9.5
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Eaz-Lift Camco Heavy Duty Slide Adjusts from 19″ to 47″ 9.6
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Husky Slide-Out Adjustable Stabilizer 9.3
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Eaz-Lift Stabilizing Scissor Jack 9.8
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Dumble RV Stabilizer Jacks Camper Levelling Blocks 9.4
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LIBRA Set of 4 5000lbs RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks 9.9
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Red Hound Auto 4 Telescoping Folding Trailer Stabilizer Jacks 9.5
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Libra RV Trailer Stabilizer Levelling Scissor Jacks 9.8

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Best RV Stabilizing Jacks and Tripods 2024

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  Price Name Our Rating
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Performance Tool W1600 1-1/2 Ton (3,000lb) Capacity Scissor Jack 9.0
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BAL 30930 Deluxe Telescopic Stabilizing Jack 9.5
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BAL R.V. Products Group 21100005 FASTJACK Powered C-Jack 9.8
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Stromberg Carlson LG-1 Electric Landing Gear 5Th Wheel with Jacks 9.9
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BAL 24210 Power Pack for Scissors Jack 9.7
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Uriah Products Uc500010 Electric Trailer Jack 9.4
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Lippert 285318 Power Tongue Jack 9.5
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Performance Tool W1609 12 Volt Remote Controlled Electric Scissor Jack 9.1

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If you’ve had enough of crawling under your RV when you are tired or on the muddy ground, then you should resolve for an electric or hydraulic stabilizing system. With these, 2 or 4 jacks are installed on the body and then connected to the built-in power supply. Electric jacks are rather easy to fit your RV. Moreover, with the use of remote control, the jacks can be handily operated from the inside of your travel trailer.


How are stabilizers used?

Stabilizing jacks are frequently used together with wheel chocks and other leveling equipment to make your RV level and stable when not in motion. With stabilizing jacks, you won’t experience a rocking back and forth movement whenever you walk in your RV or be concerned about items moving when you sit forcefully on the couch of your RV.

Even though leveling systems help to achieve a level position, using stabilizers is the ideal method to maintain proper level ground on a bumpy campsite because they are installed underneath your RV. While there are universal stabilizers, you should do extensive research on the precise stabilizer for your RV. This mainly depends on the width of your tire, length, and detailed features to help you be on a level anywhere you camp. Your RV dealer should help in suggesting a preferable option for your vehicle.


Buying Guide

Buying a stabilizing system is among the hardest decisions RV owners make, especially if you are new owners looking to save money for your planned trip and still get quality devices within your budget. With so many options in the market, you are most likely to get confused about the best stabilizer. Here are some of the important factors to consider when buying either a manual or an electric stabilizing system.


Get fairly priced but competitive stabilizers for your RV while guaranteeing high-quality values. Always compare dealers’ prices and shipping fees to select a sensibly priced option. Be careful of the cheap stabilizers in the market so as not to endanger your safety as well as avert damage to your trailer. Low priced stabilizers are usually momentary, and you could spend more on replacements and repair later on. Remember, you get what you pay.

Customer reviews

The customer is vital to making a good decision on the choice of stabilizers for your RV. Browse for websites that offer customer feedback on various stabilizing systems to get guidance in making a choice, even though there must be downsides to every item, that should not outweigh the pros for a great stabilizer. Valuable stabilizers should have many positive reviews with a few cons, which show that customers were pleased with the functionality of the devices. This research results in having peace of mind as it gives you a real insight into the stabilizers before a purchase.

Before and after-sale service

You should acquire stabilizers which have a good reputation for delivering high performance. Enquire on the delivery procedure to avoid waiting for so long after placing an order. Also, check their return policy to make sure that where the stabilizers don’t meet your expectations and needs, it would be easy to return.

Always go for products with appealing warranty terms. If a warranty is offered, rest assured that the stabilizer is set to be durable. Pay attention to what the warranty covers, specifically such as refunds or replacement terms.

Easy to install and use

An ideal stabilizer should be easy to fix and use. Electronic stabilizers are a better option in this case because you can easily operate them using a remote control system even from within your RV. The set-up is equally as easy and stress-free.

Product information

As a customer, you need to be keen on product information such as dimensions and materials used. The dimensions of an RV determine its weight and size hence choose a stabilizer that is of the right size to carry the load of the trailer. The trailer and stabilizer have to be conformed to have a great camping time on your RV. If the RV and stabilizer conform, then damage risks are lowered. Choose a stabilizer made of rust-free material to guarantee durability and a longer life span.



Best Manual RV Stabilizing Jacks and Tripods 2024


1. Ultra-Fab 19-950001 King Pin Tripod

The Ultra-Fab King Pin Tripod has the ability to stabilize even the 5th wheel trailers which are the biggest and heaviest models from the front-back and side-side movement. Even with all that weight stabilized, you don’t have to worry about the King Pin Tripod sinking and tilting because it has footpads of  5″ x 5.5″ to prevent that.

 As if not enough, the Ultra-Fab King Pin Tripod has a modifiable threaded hitch cup that gives you the flexibility to adjust to the height that suits you between 37-50” and maintains it. There are extensions for the foot legs sold separately if you would require additional height. The padlock included inserts through the holes to prevent the theft of King Pin. The heavy-duty steel construction makes it strong and durable to withstand up to 5000 lbs.

The King Pin Tripod doesn’t require any complicated manuals to get it operational but it is user- friendly so you can easily install and use it.  Even with all these impressive functions, you may assume that this is a heavy device but the King Pin Tripod weighs just 23 lbs meaning you can easily carry it around and store since it is foldable.

Dimensions: 54” x 6” x 6”.


  • It gets rid of the wobbles and squeaks in the front of the trailer
  • Easy to set-up
  • Folds up nicely
  • Ideal for 5th wheel RV
  • Can be adjusted easily


  • Material is not rust-free.


2. Eaz-Lift 48850 Heavy Duty Gooseneck Stabilizer            

With the help of a gooseneck adaptor, the Eaz-Lift 48850 Heavy Duty Gooseneck Stabilizer effectively reduces movement in your RV. The gooseneck adaptor connects to the gooseneck and adjusts to your preference from 30”-44” in height. In case of a downpour, while camping, the Eaz-Lift is quite safe even though it’s fixed outside as it is made of rust-resistant tough steel. The steel is powder-coated for extreme rust protection. 

The large footpads with zinc-plated chains add more to the stability the Eaz-Lift provides. No more tilting or sinking since the footpads enhance secure grounding. With that, it is able to stabilize a trailer with a weight of up to 7500 lbs. Even with all these quality features, the price is amazingly pocket-friendly.

Dimensions: 40” x 8” x 8”


  • Anti-rust
  • Reduces movement of the RV
  • Able to hold heavy capacity
  • Offers both major and minor adjustments easily


  • The gooseneck feature is complex to install


3. BAL 23225 Jacks (2 Pack)

Because of its high-level functionality and low profile design, the BAL 23225 are lightweight jacks that are extremely strong and durable. To add to its ability to be durable, the black coating stays tough against harsh weather and environmental conditions. For maximum stability, the integrated curved foot helps prevent sinking or tilting. The BAL 23225 has both the cohesion of a stabilizing jack and the strength of a leveling jack. This is no doubt an all-in-one powerful machine for your RV.

In the case of increased loads, this stabilizer offers great strength and leveling because it can carry up to 4000 lbs of weight. There is quick initiation of up and down motion due to the prompt extension. The adequate set of two comprises a crank handle for ease of operation and mounting hardware all-inclusive. You don’t have to break a bank to spend more buying them separately.

Dimensions: 29” x 13.5” x 4.5”


  • Comprises of a holder
  • Quick extension offers easy height adjustment
  • Joined foot for a firm grounding
  • Rust-free packaging
  • Tough and durable. Value for cash


  • Needs a more familiarisation


4. Dumble RV Slide out Stabilizer Jacks

Overusing the slide-out in your RV can have the slide-out rails begin to bend and sag hence the difficulty in the functionality because of the damaged frames. Repairing these frames will incur more costs for you. The Dumble RV, therefore, provides a slide-out stabilizer to increase stability in your RV. The two pieces of pop-out supports help ease tension. These stabilizers reduce the irritating back and forth motion, thus providing you with peace of mind in your motor-home.

The tough steel used to make the Dumble RV slide-outs will have you relaxed and not consider buying any other device because it has a zinc-powder coating that is rust-free for longevity and extreme strength. Since the handles are foldable, you can store the stabilizer easily and fits in small compartments of your RV. While underneath the RV, slide the stabilizers under the slide-out rail then use the foldable handles to lift the bracket mildly to join to the support bars. They are very easy to install. 

There are two camper jacks in each package to add up to your stabilizer accessories for your RV. The two sets of stabilizers jacks adjust from 16”-28” in height so you are at ease of setting your preferred height. The Dumble RV slide-outs jacks also have different sizes to give you more diversity on your choices that suit your RV.

Sizes: 16”-28”, 21”-37”, 26”-49”

Dimensions: 19.3” x 8.8” x 5.3”


  • No need to assemble
  • Strong steel body
  • Flexible jacks and Slide-out
  • All-weather resistant
  • Decreases slump and retain RV firm


  • Less sturdy


5. Eaz-Lift Camco Heavy Duty Slide Adjusts from 19″ to 47″

The slide-out system of your RV is at a high risk of continued use while not properly maintained by an effective stabilizer. The 48866 Eaz-Lift, therefore, comes to the rescue and protects the slide-out system from excessive sagging and bending, stabilizing it in a proper comfortable position. Among the unique features of this Eaz-Lift are the fitted top that is universal to fit all types of trailers and a handle that has a restraining pin that makes storage easy and saves space by just hooking it to a secure position on the wall. The handles also make them easily portable from one point to the other. 

What’s more?

This  Eaz-Lift is adjustable from 19”-47” of height giving you enough room to modify according to your liking. These positions are locked to secure stability. This kit is made of rust-resistant steel that is strong enough to increase its durability and holds up to 5000lbs.


  • Extra stability
  • Rust-resistant body
  • The handle makes it easy to store
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy make


  • Needs caution when handling because the inside can slide out and hurt your toes


6. Husky Slide-Out Adjustable Stabilizer

If you need to reduce the annoying swaying movement in your RV, then go for this Husky Slide-Out Adjustable Stabilizer. Once your RV is stabilized, you can rest assured of no more depletion and expensive frame repairs. It will not only stabilize your RV, but it is strong enough to support up to 5000lbs due to its high-quality steel. 

The steel is powder-coated with a zinc finish that ensures total rust resistance thus long-lasting. The footpad has a 6” diameter that enables secure grounding. It comes ready to use, so you don’t have to go through the many pages of a manual just to figure out how to assemble. It’s equally easy to use. The Husky Slide-Out is adjustable according to the different sizes available. Each size has its own height-adjustable preferences for your flexibility. It comes as a set of two jacks with a limited 1-year warranty.

Sizes: 16.25”-29.25”, 21”-37”, 26”-49”

Dimensions: 29.9” x 10.3” x 5.1”


  • Rust-resistance and water-proof
  • Does not need assembly
  • Value for money
  • A varied range of heights
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive design


  • Not as long-lasting as others


7. Eaz-Lift Stabilizing Scissor Jack

Eaz-Lift Stabilizing Scissor Jack safely and firmly reduces the rocking motion of your RV. It has a speed turn handle that easily and swiftly lifts and lowers your camper to a height that fits you. The tough-steel construction carries a maximum of 7500lbs and a black powdered coating that ensures effective rust-resistance.

The set of two also has a jack socket that is used for power drill therefore you can either weld or bolt it up underneath your RV. This stabilizer comes at a super reasonable price for the weight rating offered. It comes ready to use right out-of-box use, making it is easy to install as well as adjust. The Eaz-Lift Stabilizing Scissor Jack can stretch to an extreme  23.5” of height, this makes it among the tallest stabilizers available. If you ask, this is a pretty reliable and durable stabilizer.

Sizes: 20”-5000lbs, 24”-5000lbs, 24”-5000lbs, 30”-5000lbs.

Dimensions: 5.5” x 27.53” x 11.6”


  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to adjust
  • Speed crank handle for quick and easy lifting and lowering
  • Can be bolted on
  • Reasonable price
  • Great load capacity


  • Limited 90-day warranty


8. Dumble RV Stabilizer Jacks Camper Levelling Blocks

Get more stability with the Dumble RV Stabilizer Jacks Camper Levelling Blocks. This device maintains stability and level of the RV while it’s still touching down and prevents it from flat tires because it is not intended to raise or lift the RV. 

Other flip down jacks for support on campers are built with a thin material that easily bends under a heavy load but these Dumble RV stabilizer jacks and blocks are made of heavy-duty aluminum that enables durability and provides strength. The construction is also rust-resistant. Be sure to use a single axle to spread the weight evenly and prevent the trailer from tilting due to too much weight in the wrong places. 

Important to note is that they are not used to raise but only stabilize and level your RV. You can add an additional nut to the bottom rod for additional support and tighten to secure the adjusted height. Always make sure the height is adjusted according to your use. 

Dimensions: 6.65” x 6.65” x 12.5”


  • Offers steadiness and leveling
  • Easy to use and mount
  • Can be stretched from 11”- 17”
  • Strong aluminum body
  • Decreases slump and shaky movement


  • It could do with a little more adjustability


9. LIBRA Set of 4 5000lbs RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks

The LIBRA RV Trailer Stabilizer is a prime-quality jack that helps in balancing your RV with the use of the bow-tie base to prevent awkward movements, especially on soft ground. The fact that it can hold up to 7500lbs of weight is an advantage. The high weight capacity is attributed to the heavy-duty steel that is super strong and durable.

This 4 pack includes all the necessary hardware needed for setting up hence no additional costs or trouble of getting them separately. The set up is also very easy with user-friendly instructions. The full kit includes;16 pieces mounting screws and a matching socket, a mounting hole drill bit, and its sticker guide. It also features a crank handle for effortless turning and magnet socket for quick extending and lowering the jack. You can adjust the height to a comfortable level for you. This adjustability also makes it easy to use. Be cautious, however, not to use it for lifting purposes.


  • Bow-tie base for stabilizing and
  • Foldable for stress-free alteration
  • Includes an eccentric handle and four steel jacks
  • Comprises of fixing hardware
  • Excellent weight capacity -7500lbs


  • Cannot be used for lifting


10. Red Hound Auto 4 Telescoping Folding Trailer Stabilizer Jacks

The Red Hound Auto stabilizer trailer jack has a variable telescopic feature that creates perfect height that fits you. The construction is of tough durable steel that is powder-coated for rust and weather resistance.  The red hound stabilizer is well-founded and long-lasting.

Effectively folds up for use and folds down for easy storage and portability. Each jack holds 650 lbs but If properly used it can hold up to a load capacity of 1000lbs. It comes with complete mounting hardware of 2 jacks, adjustable jack rod handle, a level, and 4 pieces of fixing screws. Because of the detailed yet easy to read installation instructions, this device is easy to install saving you immense time and energy.


  • Reduced time and effort during installation
  • Heavy-duty and high-quality materials
  • All-weather and rust-resistant
  • High stability ability


  • Deeply bent crank handle.


11. Libra RV Trailer Stabilizer Levelling Scissor Jacks

Libra RV Trailer Stabilizer Levelling Scissor Jacks will maintain your RV in a leveled and stable position. The construction is durable and heavy-duty to support up to 5000lbs on each jack. Each jack easily adjusts from 4”-24” as you desire and has a bow-tie base that firms the jack more on soft ground. 

You should never use these jacks for lifting in case you want to change a flat tire but stabilizing and leveling only. This pair of jacks has a tooth gear style that ensures a straight upright increment and reversal. The Libra RV Trailer Stabilizer Levelling Scissor Jacks can be welded or bolted. The hex magnetic socket can raise the jack faster by the use of a power drill. The set of two jacks comprises a crank handle that turns easily and completes installing hardware. The installation kit includes a hole drill bit, installation manual,8 pieces of mounting screws, and matching sockets.


  • High-quality material
  • Strong and stable even on soft ground
  • Adjustable
  • Easy and convenient to use


  • Needs more space


Best Electric RV Stabilizing Jacks and Tripods 2024


1. Performance Tool W1600 1-1/2 Ton (3,000lb) Capacity Scissor Jack

The Performance Tool is built from an aircraft top-grade aluminum hence extremely durable and able to operate a 3000 lbs load capacity. It comprises two adjustable jacks from 9”-16 “.There is a soft grip handle that is easy to fix and dual pistons that enable it to achieve a maximum height with just five pushes. The lifts range from 3”-15  so you are free to adjust as you wish.

 What’s more? Because of the heavy roller and the two swivel casters, using it becomes effortless. The rubber saddles prevent you from hurting your feet when pumping. You will notice that the base is oversized, this is designed that way for increased stability and support. Even though the base is oversized, the size of the unit itself is compact making it easy to carry around and store. If you are quite a handy person, you can easily make adjustments and repairs here and there with the help of their detailed manual and the warranty information. This set is adequate for maximum stability hence no need for an extra set to achieve absolute balance.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has rubber saddles to prevent injuries when pumping
  • A high weight load capacity of 3000lbs
  • Oversized based for extra stability


  • Easily breaks if weight is slightly exceeded


2. BAL 30930 Deluxe Telescopic Stabilizing Jack

This telescopic stabilizing jack is a universal fit designed to effectively level and stabilize travel and 5th wheel trailers. It needs no specific trailer frame hence fits under any frame of the trailers and is easy to install by bolting or welding. This device makes your experience secure and appropriate because it has a speedy jerk for easy operation. It works conveniently whether raised or not.

When it comes to durability and reliability, the deluxe telescopic jack is unrivaled. It meets high-quality standards because it is made of high-end quality materials. Likewise, the construction is designed to endure harsh weather and environmental conditions like rust and water. It has flexible adjustable heights that can suit varying height preferences. The spin handle has grips for firmness when operating it and the base pads have a rubber-sleeve to prevent clutter when installing. With the lifetime warranty, you are assured of a device that will serve you for probably all your RVing days to come.

Dimensions: 45” x 16” x 4”


  • speedy jerk for easy operation
  • The spin handle has a firm grip
  • Comes with all installation hardware


  • Screws are not heavy-duty and may break when you use force screwing


3. BAL R.V. Products Group 21100005 FASTJACK Powered C-Jack

This 21100005 Fastjack is C-Jack powered with twin 12V motors for self-regulating jack process and a cross-frame fixed with a 25” leg length. The easy to push button enhances a rapid, silent extension and withdrawal. Side to side action is stress-free because of the two switches present. 

The installation process is a bolt-on application making it very easy. The telescopic lock-arm moves up and down for easy arrangement and storage and is fastened and unfastened by the ¾” crank handle. Don’t be fooled by the lightweight, simple compact design, it’s of maximum strength. The integrated foot design prevents sinking and slipping.  Its intended use is to get rid of all trailer movements.

The cross frame has an installation of 25″ leg length. If you look closely, you will notice that it is E-coated to ensure durability and protection against harmful weather and environmental conditions. This electric stabilizer comes with complete mounting hardware that includes; lock-arm nuts, swivel, and foot mounts.

Dimensions: 35.98” x 13.5” x 4.41”


  • Comes with an axle mount that can function at different angles
  • Comes with twin motors for extra efficiency
  • Integrated foot for more stability
  • Complete mounting kit and hardware


  • Not easy to adapt


4. Stromberg Carlson LG-1 Electric Landing Gear 5Th Wheel with Jacks

Stromberg Carlson offers an electric landing gear system with 5500lbs of weight capacity. This product is made of premium materials to last you for a long time. The construction is rust and water-resistant therefore highly reliable. With the customers’ needs in mind, this incomparable electric landing gear has an IP-rated switch that offers quick, simple, and secure functioning to meet your needs in delivering quality performance at a cost-effective price. 

The switch is spark protected when you mount it on the bottle gas area. It can be operated both manually and electrically. The adjustments are automatic ensuring a more efficient and smooth operation. It comes with complete mounting hardware in a carrying bag perfect for easy storage and portability. The hardware includes; 4 pieces of weld-on brackets, 2 pins, and feet, gearbox, crank handle for easy and quick operation, IP designed to switch, lead and follow leg assembly. In addition, it comes with a 1-year warranty that covers, refund, repair, and replacement observing the terms and conditions therein.

Dimensions: 43” x 78” x 8”


  • Great weight capacity of 5500lbs
  • Convenient since it is a dual purpose
  • Complete mounting hardware in a carrying bag
  • 1-year warranty 


  • Weak plastic in the motor part


5. BAL 24210 Power Pack for Scissors Jack

BAL 24210 Scissors Jack is for both stabilizing and leveling purposes. With an easy approach to manual revoke, these motors are powered with a motor kit of 12V. Since it is electric, just by a push of a button, this jack provides automatic stabilization.

It is lightweight hence portable, and can easily be installed. The design of the power pack easily and quickly lowers the jack to the ground and lifts it back to the desired position. We loved that the body is built of rust-resistant E-coating and a glossy zinc coating on the lever handle to ensure durability. The handle can easily be spun if put on a handle receiver even when leaning. This closed motor has easy access to manual backup and can be bolted or welded to the RV frame. It comes packed as a set of two in a box with a motor controller and mounting hardware.  Also, the BAL 24210 Scissors Jack comprises a 3 position rocker switch system.

Dimensions: 15.13” x 6.13” x 10.75”


  • Inclusive of a crank handle
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Wide base for sturdy and automatic stability
  • Three-position rocker switch system
  • Fixing hardware available


  • Unclear maximum weight capacity


6. Uriah Products Uc500010 Electric Trailer Jack

This Electric Trailer Jack by Uriah is designed with features that will make your pulling job easier. It carries and lifts a capacity of up to 5000lbs in weight and 9”-31.5” in height. The switch for raising and lowering the RV is easy to operate.

It is made of a tough cover, accustomed steel gears, a water-proof motor, and a powder-coat finish. It has an LED light that can be used in darkness as well as mechanical thermal protection to prevent overheating of the RV. With the huge footpad, the electric jack gives your RV excellent steadiness and secure grounding. The ball and screw design reduce friction, and the brake motor enhances the efficiency of the lift. 

An extra outstanding feature for this jack is that it comprises a speedy plug-in 7 – way connector with a plastic holder to maintain the position when not in use. In addition, it has an emergency crank handle.


  • Emergency manual crank
  • Oversized footpad for great stability
  • Water-resistant housing
  • LED light and power button
  • Impressive maximum weight capacity and lift range
  • Ball screw design to reduce noise and enhance lift efficiency
  • Easy 7-way connector for storage and cap to protect from dust


  • Slow operation


7. Lippert 285318 Power Tongue Jack

The most amazing feature of the Lippert 285318 Power Tongue Jack is the textured casing, which protects it from cracks or chips. Since it’s electric the push button remote allows you to automatically raise and lower your RV. The mounting hardware included makes your work easier, you don’t have to buy anything extra for fixing. It also comes with 4 LED lights to make sure that you find no problem when using it in darkness.

This power stabilizer was built to offer extreme durability and perform with competence. It features an unsegregated breaker that keeps your RV safe in case of a circuit overload. The manual crank override enables you to still use your jack in case the battery fails. Also, you can achieve perfect stabilization and level with just a single button push.

Dimensions: 32.75” x 12.5” x 7.25”


  • Tough and rough weather-proof housing
  • Four LED lights for better lighting
  • Fast and easy connection
  • Excellent weight capacity of 3500lb
  • Manual crank overrule
  • Installation hardware inclusive


  • Durability worries


8. Performance Tool W1609 12 Volt Remote Controlled Electric Scissor Jack

The Performance Tool W1609 has a total weight capacity of 4000lbs and a lift range of 5-14 inches. It allows you to easily lift and lower your RV for emergency tire changes.  The electric push-button remote allows you to use the jack from a distance of 12” away and it is connected into your RVs 12 – volt power outlet. 

The crank handle comes in handy in case of an emergency or a power outage and can be operated from the RVs battery. You also have at your disposal three extra 11Amp replacement fuses in case of a burst from an overburdened circuit. In addition, it is compact and packaged in a blow-molded storage case, making it easy for transport and storage. This device can only be used by small to medium size vehicles. Comes with a 1-year limited warranty with terms and conditions therein.

Dimensions: 17.27” x 4.78” x 9.27”


  • Impressive weight capacity of 4000lbs
  • Rust-resistance material
  • Compact size hence portable and easy to store
  • Easily installed
  • Stable because of the large base


  • Almost difficult to turn when it is under reasonable load



The most important thing is to ensure that you are in a comfortable and stable RV. This can only be achieved by getting effective stabilizing jacks for smooth operations. After going through the above reviews for both the manual and electric stabilizers, we are certain you are in a better position to get what you are looking for, and it shouldn’t be a daunting task anymore. The review narrows down your options to make it all easy. 

The more affluent route is to substitute the manual jacks with electric ones, making the job so much laid-back. 5th Wheels are very exhaustive to stabilize and level without electric jacks, so the electric jacks come in handy when operating the RVs. However, no need to throw away the manual jacks yet, you can upgrade them with a cheaper option of a drill adaptor. This drill adaptor helps eliminate manual labor.

Basically, between manual and electric jacks, the top choice would be electric jacks because of their time and energy-saving abilities with maximum ease of operation. Nevertheless, durability functions are a top priority, and the manual jacks seem to provide a wide range of such products. Above all, go for a stabilizer that will enhance the life of your RV.

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