Best RV Tote Tank Carriers

4 Best RV Tote Tank Carriers 2024

(Last Updated: July 22, 2020)

If you are planning to use your RV for long trips then you certainly need a tote tank carrier. A tote tank carrier is a simple rack that allows the attachment of a tote tank into the bumper of an RV. Tote tank carriers vary in designs as we are going to discuss later in the article.

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Camco Rhino Bumper Mount RV Tote Tank Carrier 9.5
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ECOTRIC RV Tote Tank Carrier  9.3
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JMTAAT New RV Bumper Mount Tote Tank Carrier  9.3
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Thetford RV Ladder Mount System – Universal RV Ladder Rack 9.7

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You must have noticed by now that there are numerous brands of tote tank carriers in the market, however, we are going to only review the best RV tote tank carriers. First, let us establish why you need a tote tank carrier in your RV.


Why you need a tote tank carrier in your RV?

A tote tank carrier is among the various extensions that can be added to your RV. This addition is not inbuilt into a new RV, you will have to modify and fix it by yourself. Is a tote tank carrier that important? Yes, it is.

It acts as a holding rack

A tote tank carrier comprises of simple metal bars and brackets. The bars have been designed such that they can be used to hold bikes, waste tanks and sometimes chairs. If you have your tote tank, simply insert it onto the tote carrier then can fasten it with the strap provisions. Some carriers can hold various tanks at once.

It saves on space

If you want to maximize space inside your RV you can add this extension. A tote tank carrier saves the limited space in your RV by allowing you to remove bikes, chairs or waste tanks and suspending it outside the RV. The saved space can be used for other functions.

It promotes hygiene

When traveling, carrying the waste tank inside your RV can be hectic. The foul smell from waste will cause flies to hover inside the RV and thus posing danger to the health of persons inside the RV. A tote tank carrier can save this situation by allowing you to remove the waste and hang it outside the RV. A clean environment inside the RV will allow a comfortable stay.


Factors to consider when buying an RV tote tank carrier

If you get stuck on what key things to look for when buying an RV tote tank carrier, consider for the following factors:


This should probably be the first thing to look for. A good tote tank carrier should carry a filled waste tank without buckling or breaking. The strength is based on the material used to make the carrier. The most suitable materials to consider are steel or aluminum. They are both strong and can effectively suspend numerous tanks at once. Most manufactures will indicate weight-bearing capacity and thus you can simply check on that and find what is best for you.


There are small and large tote carriers. To determine which is best for you, measure your bumper size and check the manufactures size recommendation. Buying an extra-large or too small carrier will force you to do a lot of modifications. It will not be a perfect fit. Also, under sizes, go for a carrier that can hold various tanks at once. This will be advantageous if you have more than one tote tank.


The security of the carrier is also another important factor that cannot be assumed. A good carrier should suspend the carrier firmly and ensure it does not slip. The carrier should have additional straps to fasten the tanks firmly. Also, look for carriers that have rubber strips at the end of each arm. The strips will prevent slipping.



Best Tote Tank Carriers 2024


1. Camco Rhino Bumper Mount RV Tote Tank Carrier

Camco Rhino Bumper Mount RV Tote Tank Carrier directly mounts onto the RV’s frame therefore firmly securing your Rhino tote tank in place. The Carrier has been designed to perfectly fit onto a standard RV bumper without ladders. For best fit, make sure your bumper is somewhere between four inches to four-and-half inches wide.

The carrier’s holder will carry all four Rhino Tote Tank of sizes 15, 21, 28 and 36 gallons. Straps will securely tighten the tanks and ensure they remain steady. The Carrier has been made universal hence it is compatible with most portable waste holding tanks in the market. All the hardware components of the carrier have been made from powder-coated steel with zinc coating to enhance the durability and make it rust and corrosion resistance. This product is very sturdy and extremely portable.


  • Securely hold tote tanks in place
  • Any Rhino tote tanks can fit in the carrier
  • Additional straps to hold tanks firmly
  • Powder-coated steel with zinc coating for rust resistance


  • None so far


2. ECOTRIC RV Tote Tank Carrier

This is a high-quality tank carrier from ECOTRIC. It has been designed to mount onto the RV bumper while securely suspending the tote tank. It will perfectly fit on four inches and four-and-half inches RV bumpers. The carrier has been made from high-quality steel and therefore you are assured of good durability and strength. One advantage of this tank carrier is that it is universally made to accommodate all the Rhino tote tank sizes and also be compatible with most water holding tanks in the market. For a good grip, a strap has been included to fasten any tank sizes firmly and prevent slipping during a trip. All the hardware components in the carrier have been powder coated with zinc coating to protect against mud, rain, dirt, and any other surrounding elements.


  • Straps to fasten any tank sizes
  • Good durability and strength
  • Compatible with most waste tanks
  • Powder-coated steel with zinc coating for resistance to weather elements


  • None so far


3. JMTAAT New RV Bumper Mount Tote Tank Carrier

JMTAAT New RV Bumper Mount Tote Tank Carrier is a mounting rack that is fitted onto the bumper of an RV to carry tote tank when traveling. The carrier consists of two metals with attachment hardware for mounting. In each metal, there are two u shaped extensions which are used to align the straps when tightening the tote tank. The straps are provided to ensure you securely fasten tanks into the carrier and prevent falling off when traveling.

You should, however, take note that this carrier will perfectly fit on four inches and four and a half inches wide RV bumpers. It may fit on other bumper sizes but they may need modifications for a perfect fit. This carrier will hold all the four Rhino Tote Tank sizes.


  • Easy installation
  • Has good portability with various waste tanks
  • Straps provided for a tight grip
  • The carrier is very lightweight


  • None so far


4. Thetford RV Ladder Mount System – Universal RV Ladder Rack

RV Ladder Mount System – Universal RV Ladder Rack is a mounting attached to the exterior RV ladder to help carry the waste tote tanks, bikes, and chairs. When you need space in your RV, this mounting rack will save you big. Though it is specially designed to hold waste tote, RV owners do use it as a bike rack and chair rack. The carrier is made of lightweight aluminum metal. It can carry loads for up to 50 lbs. This rack is mounted onto the ladder by metal brackets and screws. There is an 85 inches long nylon strap that ensures the bike, chair, and the tote is tied down and secured.

Additionally, there are rubber strips at the ends of both arms to prevent slipping. In terms of versatility, this ladder is extremely versatile. All portable waste tote tanks can fit onto this ladder carrier. When ordered, the delivery package will contain: two ladders mount with lock pin holder, two lock pins, eight bolts, eight locknuts, four ladder mount bracket, one strap, and Allen wrench.


  • Made from a lightweight aluminum
  • Has good durability and strength
  • Help save valuable space in your RV
  • Extremely versatile
  • Comes with lock pins for safety


  • May require extra ratchet straps to secure tote tank properly



A waste tank carrier for RVs is an important addition that cannot be ignored when planning for a camping journey. If you are going to carry a waste or water tank on your next trip, then make sure you have this carrier with you. You will save a great amount of space in your RV while ensuring you have good hygiene. The tote tank carriers for RVs in our review list have all been chosen based on factors highlighted in the buyers’ guide. Whichever you choose among the four, you will end up with an excellent carrier.

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