Best Digital TV Antennas for RVs

8 Best Digital TV Antennas for RVs 2024

(Last Updated: August 17, 2020)

Spending time with your family and friends in your RV can be lots of fun. But having an RV television on board fitted with a digital TV antenna makes it even more enjoyable. You can still catch up with your favorite TV shows while on the road. However, reception can be a bit difficult to find in RVs especially in the outback. That is why you need to get the best, if not the perfect digital TV antenna for the TV in your RV if you are to get a clear reception.

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KING OA1000 OmniPro Portable Omnidirectional HDTV 9.5
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KING OA8501 Jack HDTV Directional Over-the-Air Antenna 9.7
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KING OA1501 OmniGo Portable Omnidirectional HDTV Over-the-Air Antenna 9.7
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Winegard SK-SWM3 TRAV’LER DIRECTV Slimline Antenna 9.9
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Winegard 8551203.400S White RVW-395 Sensar IV HDTV RV Antenna 9.3
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Winegard RZ-6000 Rayzar z 1 RV TV Antenna 9.0
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1 by one 360° Omni-Directional (New Version) HDTV Antenna 9.0
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1 by one 720° Omni-Directional (New Version) Outdoor TV Antenna 9.1

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A good quality digital TV antenna will allow you to tune in to your favorite TV channels at no extra cost. It will also give you a really good reception so that you can enjoy high-definition programs. Some antennas even allow you to connect to the internet. Check out our buying guide for key things to look for when buying an antenna. We have also linked you up with some of the best digital TV antennas for RV available in the market now.



Types of digital TV antennas for RV

Indoor antenna

Just as the name implies, this type of antenna is mounted inside your RV. It is usually small, lightweight and compact and requires minimal installation. The downside though is that the reception is not high definition and signals may be unclear because of the short-range.

Outdoor antenna

Outdoor antennas are mounted outside your TV, usually at the top of the rig. They pick reception real fast and their reception range is usually longer. The only downside is that they are rather bulky and come into contact with a lot of obstructions such as leaves and branches. They also get exposed to all sorts of weather elements and if not made of high-quality material, they corrode and break easily.

Digital and HDTV antenna

This is the most popular antenna use for RVers as it works for both the UHF and CHF signals. They are also easy to use, you only need to turn on your TV and scan for channels. Some antennas can pick both the UHF and VHF concurrently while some pick one at a time.

Satellite TV antenna

To use this type of antenna, you need to be connected to a subscription satellite service such as the Dish Network or the DirectTV. You will also need to get a portable receiver so if you have one at home that you already pay for, tag it along. Reception for satellite TV services is crisp and you have access to a variety of channels.


Buying guide

Before making your choice on which digital TV antenna to buy for your RV, there are factors that can lead you to make a better choice. Some of these considerations include:

Signal reception

To get quality viewing experience at all times, ensure to get an antenna that offers a good signal reception. One with a long mile range for the signal acquisition would offer better results in terms of picture clarity. For this reason, check that the product you consider buying garners good reviews.


Most RV antennas are usually mounted on the rooftop of the vehicle. This exposes them to harsh weather conditions. Thus you need to check on the materials used in its manufacture and settle on one that is sturdy enough to deal with outdoor conditions.

Easy to install

To facilitate a hassle-free setup, always consider a digital TV antenna that comes with all the necessary installation hardware such as mounting equipment and cables. You should be able to set it up where there are no obstructions and in the direction of the transmitters with much ease.

Weight and size

Consider an antenna that will not take up too much space of your rooftop and lightweight enough to make it easy to install as well. Avoid larger antenna models that may tend to protrude from your RV becoming a hazard to yourself and other road users too. Although a lightweight antenna is most convenient, ensure it is not too light that it might easily be blown away by the wind.


Digital TV antennas for RVs often come at varying prices. This is largely dependant on designs, mounting abilities, and other added features. Invest in a suitable model that meets your specifications and needs, yet is within your budget.


Best Digital TV Antennas for RVs 2024


1. KING OA1000 OmniPro Portable Omnidirectional HDTV

This omni-directional over-the-air antenna by KING lets you enjoy free HDTV and keeps you entertained in your travels, road trips, and outdoor adventures. It is not only powerful and elegant but also easy to install and use on your RV. It provides strong and amplified signals that enhance its performance to give you the best TV reception you can get in your area. In addition, it has multi-directional signal acquisition that lets you receive free FM, VHF, and UHF signals with no pointing.

Made with long-lasting automotive-grade plastic, this high-tech antenna is UV-protected, weatherproof, and does not rust. It can, therefore, serve you for a long time in various environments as it is built to withstand all climatic conditions. For this reason, the KING OA1000 OmniPro has been rated among the best digital TV antennas for RVs and travel trailers. It comes with all the equipment required to install it to your RV. You, therefore, don’t need to worry about missing the latest news and shows or getting bored on your adventures as you can enjoy free over-the-air programming with this antenna wherever you are.


  • It is omnidirectional
  • The signal is amplified for maximum strength and performance
  • It is portable and comes with gear for easy installation
  • Can withstand all climatic conditions
  • Made with long-lasting automotive-grade plastic


  • Signals may be weak in some areas


2. KING OA8501 Jack HDTV Directional Over-the-Air Antenna

With its sleek and simple design, KING OA8501 utilizes the latest technology to keep you entertained and connected to the world as you travel. It features the built-in signal meter for easy signal acquisition. Its advanced technology enhances UHF signal reception while still receiving VHF broadcast channels. It also has long-range signal acquisition that provides more channels as well as a broader reception coverage that maximizes reception and quickly locates the strongest signal. Its interior knob easily rotates and offers 360-degree rotation for full signal coverage with no dead spots.

This antenna is built for durability and strong performance and has a compact aerodynamic design that minimizes wind resistance. It is about 70 percent smaller than traditional RV antennas and this makes it portable and among the best RV antennas available in the market. This antenna provides you with free HDTV when on the road and is a cheaper option as there are no monthly cable bills to pay.


  • Comes with the gear needed to connect and mount it on your RV
  • Its 360-degree rotation makes it easy to use and eliminates dead spots.
  • Comes with a four-year part and one-year labor warranty
  • Aerodynamically designed to minimize wind resistance
  • Small, portable and has better reception


  • It does not show if power is on or a weak tower signal


3. KING OA1501 OmniGo Portable Omnidirectional HDTV Over-the-Air Antenna

This antenna by KING offers you the best TV reception available and ensures that you can still watch your favorite shows and receive the latest news when you are away. It is designed to pick up signals from all directions without having to rotate it to find TV signals. This antenna is designed for portability. It is compact and therefore easy to pack and carry. It comes with a carry bag, a collapsible tri-mod mount, a magnetic vehicle mount for temporary mounting, and power supply.

Made with automotive-grade plastic, this antenna is UV-protected, resistant to rust, waterproof, and can withstand any climate. It is among the best RV television antennas in the market and is loved for its good performance and ease of use. With no installation required, it is fast and easy to set up. Whether traveling in your RV or travel trailer or spending a weekend in your cabin or hunting shack, this antenna will provide you with free local HDTV programming for a long time.


  • It has a collapsible tripod mount
  • Comes with a carry bag making it easy to carry and store
  • Made with durable automotive-grade plastic
  • Waterproof and resistant to rust
  • Omnidirectional


  • If the tower is distant it may not be powerful enough


4. Winegard SK-SWM3 TRAV’LER DIRECTV Slimline Antenna

Enjoy a variety of programs on any digital TV in your RV with the power of multi-satellite viewing. This antenna by Winegard features approved and certified reflectors that provide the strongest signal strength. It is easy to pack and carry, having dimensions of 44”(L)x34”(W)x9.75”(H) and weighing 53 lb. It is one of the best RV satellite antennas in the market and the only mobile automatic antenna that offers maximum DIRECTV HD programming as it supports all new DIRECTV HD receivers. It provides simultaneous reception from 99 degrees, 101 degrees and 103 degrees for complete SD and HD programming.

This fully automatic DIRECTV satellite antenna works well with DVRs and is suitable for RVs and camper trailers. It lets you watch and record from different satellites simultaneously and you can, therefore, watch different programs on different TVs at the same time. When using this antenna, avoid connecting the power inserter or receivers to port A or B and only use port C to make connections to the mount base. It comes with SWM Power Inserter, TRAV’LER SK-SWM3 Satellite Antenna, 4-way splitter, and printed documentation.


  • Small and lightweight hence easy to carry and install
  • Allows you to watch and record simultaneously
  • It works well with DVRs
  • Approved and certified reflectors for maximum strength signal


  • Takes a while to locate a satellite


5. Winegard 8551203.400S White RVW-395 Sensar IV HDTV RV Antenna

Wingard Sensar antennas have been among the best RV antennas for over 30 years. To create this powerful antenna, Wingard has integrated a Sensar III antenna with the UHF enhanced Wingman antenna so that you can enjoy all your favorite programs in standard or crisp clear HD. This amplified antenna receives all available VHF and UHF channels at a range of up to 55 miles. It features a built-in amplifier that boosts weaker television signals to offer you crystal clear reception.

This antenna is powder-coated to keep it lasting for a long time. Having passed through UV and environmental testing, it is built to withstand all climates and can serve you for over 20 years. It is optimized for digital HD reception and can be raised, lowered, and rotated from inside your packed RV to find the exact angle for the best reception. It requires 15.25 inches width by 46.25 inches length of unobstructed roof space and lowers to 4 inches above the roof while traveling. It comes with mounting hardware, 20’75 ohm coax cable, 6’75 coax cable, white interior control parts, printed documentation, and lift assembly. Finally, It has a 2 year part warranty and a 1-year labor warranty that you can take advantage of in case it gets faulty.


  • You can raise, lower, and rotate it from inside your RV.
  • Comes with a step-by-step installation guideline and equipment
  • Crisp clear reception at an unsurpassed range of up to 55 miles
  • It is powder-coated for durability
  • Comes with an inbuilt reception amplifier


  • Some parts are made of plastic and should be handled with care to avoid breaking


6. Winegard RZ-6000 Rayzar z 1 RV TV Antenna

This high-tech antenna features the latest technology in digital and HD broadcast TV to bring you crystal clear HD quality programming as well as 4K UHD where available. It offers great VHF and UHF reception that lets you get a variety of channels wherever you are and is one of the best camper antennas in the market. With dimensions of 16.25”(W) x 14.7”(L) x 8.4”(H), it has high definition VHF/UHF digital signals and an amplified RV Antenna. Its modern and streamlined design complements every RV and allows for effortless rotation with no cranking, making it easy to use.

It can also easily replace the existing antenna and makes it fast and simple to find the best reception. The antenna has a durable UV and weather-resistant housing and 5-year parts and 1-year labor limited warranty. It comes with mounting hardware, antenna adapter, 20’75 and 6’75 ohm coax cables and power supply.


  • It is shorter, smaller with no cranking
  • crystal clear HD VHF/UHF digital signals
  • 5-year parts and 1-year labor limited warranty
  • Provides exceptional HD TV reception over the air
  • UV and weather-resistant housing for durability


  • Some installation details are missing for new installations.


7. 1 by one 360° Omni-Directional(New Version) HDTV Antenna

Enjoy free full HD channels with the best HDTV antenna on the market. With up to 150 miles range, you can watch a variety of local broadcast channels with high definition and in a clearer picture and low noise for free. You can hence save money and still get more broadcast TV signals and enjoy full HD channels like NBC, CBS, FOX ABC and so much more. This antenna has 360 degrees omnidirectional reception. It receives signals from all directions without having to rotate it or to use the remote control, unlike the traditional large outdoors antennas. It also improves VHF signal reception and provides more channel reception and fewer blind spots.

In addition, this antenna is built to last. It is weather-resistant and delivers great signal reception even on windy and rainy days. Its anti-UV coating and snow proof/waterproof design minimizes interference and makes it durable. You can therefore comfortably use this antenna under any weather and for a very long time. It is suitable for home, RV, attic, and marine use. 1 by one offers a 90-Day full refund and 24-month with reliable customer service. They also provide full technical support in case you have issues with reception.


  • Waterproof, UV-resistant and durable
  • Solid construction and excellent performance even in windy and rainy days
  • 90-day full refund trial period
  • Omnidirectional
  • A long reception range of up to 150 miles
  • Great customer service and technical support


  • It is big and bulky and can be strenuous when installing


8. 1 by one 720° Omni-Directional (New Version) Outdoor TV Antenna

This new outdoor TV antenna by 1byone utilizes the latest 4G LTE technology that filters out cellular and FM signals to bring you clearer pictures and low noise. This crystal clear technology also results to access to more free broadcast TV signals with enhanced gain, range, and frequency performance. Get the highest quality content with its 4K and 1080 HDTV reception.

It also features a built-in pre-amplifier that lets you boost signal right at the antenna as well as a built-in upgraded intelligent chip for vivid colors, clearer picture, and stunning sound. This 720 degrees Omni-directional reception digital HDTV antenna lets you receive signals from all directions without rotating or pointing and enhances the UHF signal reception. It, therefore, eliminates signal blind zones and offers more channels with high definition for free. While it provides great reception at a range of up to 150 miles, you will first need to locate the local broadcast towers in your area and check the distance between the towers and your home so that you can choose the appropriate antenna model for the best results. Lastly, this antenna comes with high-quality coax cable, a 90-day full refund, and 24-month with reliable and friendly customer service. No doubt, this antenna is among the latest and best RV HDTV antennas in the market and is also fit for your home, outdoor, and marine.


  • It can be mounted in different styles like wall mounting and positioning in the attic.
  • Can withstand all climatic conditions
  • 720 degrees omnidirectional
  • A reception range of 150 miles
  • It has great reception with clear pictures and stunning sound.
  • Its 4G LTE filter removes interference and channel loss


  • Reception is not good in rural areas and areas far from the towers



If there is one thing that can easily make an RV feel like home is a TV. The fact that you can watch your favorite shows, news, and other programs makes it feel as though you are just in your home. Having a TV in your RV is also important in keeping you updated with weather updates especially if traveling to an unfamiliar destination. While getting a TV isn’t hard, getting a high-quality performing antenna that can withstand all climatic conditions is a challenge. Lucky for you, our selection only has antennas that give crisp clear signals, are durable, easy to use and install, and resistant to weather. .And those with inbuilt amplifiers allow you to tap into different satellites and watch other channels for free. All these antennas vary in features and prices but we can assure you they are all the best digital TV antennas for RVs so don’t hesitate to pick one.

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