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10 Best Camping Trailer Covers 2024

(Last Updated: July 22, 2020)

Imagine chilling outdoors, right in front of your RV with your loved ones, then suddenly the weather changes; snow starts falling or the blazing sun becomes unbearable, what will you do? Should you end the special bonding moments? Or should you just abandon your RV and let it be downgraded by the rain? We’ll… probably no. We are certain you don’t want to see your investment get destroyed before your eyes. To give your investment better protection, we have compiled some of the best travel trailer covers in the market that will ensure your RV is fully protected from the effects of mother nature.

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RV Masking Heavy Duty 5 Layers Top Travel Trailer RV Cover 9.8
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Leader Accessories Windproof Upgrade Travel Trailer RV Cover  9.3
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OOFIT Travel Trailer RV Cover Fits for 24’ – 27′ for RVs 9.2
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ADCO Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel  9.4
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Cooltop Heavy Duty 5 Layers Travel Trailer RV Cover 9.9
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KINGBIRD Extra-Thick Travel Trailer Cover 9.5
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Covercraft Wolf CY31042 Travel Trailer RV Cover  9.3
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KINGBIRD Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover 9.5
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iiSPORT Extra Thick 4-Ply Top Panel Travel Trailer Cover  9.2
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RV Masking Pop Up/Folding Camper Cover 9.0

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This travel trailer cover review is meant to help both the first-timers and frequent RV cover buyers. With plenty of covers in the market, we fully understand that it can be challenging to find the most suitable option. And this is the reason we have put up this guide, to get you started in understanding the different covers, factors to consider when buying them and which brands are superior based on their performance, features, pros, and cons. Our reviews are unbiased and are purely based on the customer’s experience with the product.

Let’s get started!



Benefits of camping trailer covers

When you leave your RV trailer uncovered, the vehicle exterior will get exposed to elements such as sun, rains, mildew, bad droppings, and tree sap. A vehicle’s body is not meant to withstand this condition for a long period. These elements are harsh and hence reduce the quality and performance of the trailer and consequently lower resale prices. A trailer cover is used to protect your automobile from such conditions and ensure longevity. Below are the reasons why you need an RV trailer cover:

Protection from weather elements

A trailer will get exposed to various weather elements i.e. rains, snow, dew, and UV light. These elements can cause degradation or fading of RV body and thus need for protection. A trailer cover is designed to prevent extreme weather conditions and ensure your vehicle remains with the original appearance.


Durability is the measure of time in which a product can stay before its value depreciates. RV covers are designed to be durable and last for years. Most of these covers are made from heavy-duty fabric with a thick layer to repel water and remain scratch proof.

Protection from dirt

When a trailer is left exposed or unattended for long, dirt and dust will accumulate on the body of the vehicle. To make matters worse, you may get bird droppings, general muck, or leaves stuck on the rooftop. Though you may do cleanliness, the affected parts won’t lose its original value. The cover will prevent all this dirt from tarnishing your investment.

High resale value

If you want to resale your rig in the future, customers will buy based on how it looks. If the body looks faded or scratched you will likely to sell the product at unexpectedly low cost. You can avoid this by covering your rig every time. The cover will keep the vehicle’s value as it was when bought and hence you will resale at a much better price.


Factors to consider when buying an RV trailer cover

Below are the things to look for when buying an RV cover:


Most covers in the market are made from either polyester, polypropylene, solution-dyed acrylic, and polyethylene. So when choosing the cover, understand the climate of your locality. Polypropylene is the most common material as it is perfectly resistant to acid damages and cracks. It is also breathable and water-resistant but not fully waterproof. However, if layered it will give good results.

The polyester is well suited for dry areas. This material has excellent resistance to strong UV but poor water resistance. It won’t fully be waterproof but you can pick cover made from this material if it has a waterproof coating. Solution-dyed acrylic can be used in all weather types. It is good in UV resistance and also a perfect waterproof coating.


Each trailer cover has its advantage against the other. Different brands boast of different added features. When buying the Trailers cover, make sure you check on the number of features the product offers and what advantages do you gain.


Check for the size of your trailer versus the size of the cover. To get accurate fit, measure the length of the trailer (bumper to bumper), height (from mid-wheel to rooftop), and width from (both front shield and rare bumper). Most sizes in the market are standard. However, a good cover should have tension panels or elasticized hem.


There are numerous trailer covers and they do vary in prices and thus be sure to check how much you are willing to spend. This will help you avoid browsing expensive products that you even not end-up buying. However, don’t let pricing limit you. Whether it’s cheap or expensive let the features decide. The most important thing is to find a cover that is functional and will give your rig the protection it needs.



Best Camping Trailer Covers 2024


1. RV Masking Heavy Duty 5 Layers Top Travel Trailer RV Cover

If you are looking for ample protection of your Recreational vehicle from extreme weather elements, then this cover from RV masking would serve you perfectly. It is one of the most reliable waterproof covers that will keep snow at bay during the winter season. The heavy-duty fabric consists of 5 layers (two non-woven top fabric, middle waterproof membrane, and two non-woven bottom fabric). The fabric has been double stitched to give an anti-aging, tear-proof, and scratch-resistant cover.

The twelve pieces of waterproof straps, elasticized helm corners, buckles at the bottom, and adjustable front and rear tension ensure a custom fit of the cover hence protecting it from being blown off by the wind. To further reduce the wind pressure on the cover, the manufacture has included six air vents all around the cover. This cover has a total of three zippers. You get unlimited access to your RV and storage compartments anytime by simply pulling the zippers open. Lastly, the cover is easy to install and dries up very fast.


  • Heavy-duty fabric
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Custom-fit
  • Easy to install
  • Dries up real fast
  • Allows you to easily access your RV


  • Not very sturdy


2. Leader Accessories Windproof Upgrade Travel Trailer RV Cover

Leader Accessories Windproof Upgrade Travel Trailer RV Cover is an extremely versatile cover that will perfectly fit most trailers. This cover from Leader accessories comes with great dimensions that are ideal in providing full protecting to 27-30 inches long trailers. One amazing thing about this product is that it’s made from high-quality materials that give rigs good protection.

The heavy-duty fabric consists of thick three ply tops and single-ply sides. All these materials combined will ensure you get all-round protection from UV light, snow, dirt, mildew, and bad droppings. With this kind of cover, you don’t need to crawl below the trailer to install tension straps. The integrated weighted toss bag system and strap attachment have been provided to enable easy attachment of cover onto a trailer. To remove the slackness of the cover, the manufacturers have added tension panels and a clinching system to enhance tension. There are also elasticized hem to reinforce corners of the cover while ensuring a custom fit and avoiding tearing. Other extra features include; venting, zippered openings, and a reflective panel.


  • Zippered panels
  • Adjustable panels for a custom fit
  • Heavy-duty fabric for longevity
  • Venting zippered openings for breathability
  • Maximum UV light protection


  • Not as long-lasting as most in the market


3. OOFIT Travel Trailer RV Cover Fits for 24’ – 27′ for RVs

OOFIT Travel Trailer RV Cover Fits for 24– 27 inches for RVs by outfit is a weather-resistant camper’s cover featuring a heavy-duty four-ply roof with single-ply sides. Made to protect against snow, dirt, mildew, and bad droppings this cover will ensure your trailer remains well protected all round. The anti-UV helps prevent premature aging of the rig. if you are worried about snow then this is the best trailer covers for snow. The cover has multiple layers for easy access to the front, back, and sides. The door zippers have a special fluorescent reflector that will help you to easily locate the door at night. The air vent provision all around the cover helps reduce wind stress and remove any buildup moisture and mildew.

With this cover, you don’t have to worry about the sagging as the manufacturer has included front & back tension and elasticized hem for a custom and better fit. When ordered, the delivery box comes with one trailer covering, one storage bag, one adhesive repair patch, six fluorescent ropes for the zipper, and one instruction manual.


  • Fluorescent reflectors for night seeing
  • Adjustable panels and elasticized hem for a custom fit
  • Scratch proof and waterproof fabric
  • Zippered panels for easy access
  • Easy to set up


  • Straps tend to rip-off if handled rough


4. ADCO Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel

This trailer cover by ADCO comes in a variety of sizes between 31 inches 7 feet long to 34 inches long. It is made to fully cover your trailer while accommodating for the air conditioners, slide-outs, ladders, and all types of front ends. The fabric of the cover consists of three layers of SFS Aqua Shed top panel and another three layers of designer polypropylene sides. These materials do substantially reduce the premature aging of the RV.

The built-in air vents around the cover allow air to escape from the cover during moderate moisture and also prevent the moisture and mildew build up overnight. This cover has a front, back, and bottom buckle clinching system that is used to prevent billowing and remove the slackness. Other features include multiple zipper openings for easy access of RV doors, reinforced elasticized bottom corners to ensure a custom fit, and a ladder cap to prevent contact with the cover.


  • Elasticized bottom for a custom fit
  • Multiple zippered entries to easily access the rig
  • Tough and weather-resistant
  • Prevents moisture and mildew build-up


  • No reinforcement of corners


5. Cooltop Heavy Duty 5 Layers Travel Trailer RV Cover

Cooltop Heavy Duty 5 Layers Travel Trailer RV Cover is a waterproof breathable fabric cover that will provide ultimate protection of your RV in all types of weather conditions. Made from heavy-duty 5 ply top and 3-ply sides, this cover will prevent fast aging, unwanted cracking and fading of your RV’s body due to UV light. The double stitching of fabric ensures you get a tear-proof and scratch-resistant cover that will live to serve you for years.

Unlike the other covers, this cover has a front and rear identification marked for easy installation of the cover. The multiple zippered openings at the sides of the cover provide easier access to the doors of the trailer. Once you have opened the door zips, you can roll the fabric and tie it up with straps, therefore, removing interference hindering entry or exit to the trailer. The cover has six air vents that remain open to reduce wind stress and vent moisture from the vehicle’s body. Additionally, the heavy-duty fabric consists of breathable materials that eliminate the buildup of mildew on the cover. Other additions you get on this cover include an adjustable front and rear tension panels, elasticized helm corners, and 16 waterproof straps & buckles which will all ensure a custom fit of the cover to your trailer.


  • Designed to reduces wind stress and vent moisture
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable front and rear tension panels
  • Waterproof straps and buckles
  • A custom-fit to most trailers
  • A Ripstop fiber technology


  • There are no handles on the cover


6. KINGBIRD Extra-Thick Travel Trailer Cover

KINGBIRD Extra-Thick Travel Trailer Cover by kingbird is an extra thick cover that offers maximum protection of your trailer against the bad weather condition hence ensuring your investment remains in its original quality. The cover’s extra thick 4-Ply Top Fabric and 3-Ply Side Non-Woven provides excellent protection against damages due to harmful UV, snow, rain, dirt, nicks, mildew and scratches.

This cover has multiple zippered panels for easier access to the RV doors and engine areas. The ventilation holes at the top of the cover help vent out air and moisture from RV and prevent wind stress from ripping off the cover. The manufacturer has incorporated a new Design for Tension Panels which upgrades the tension panels to a central location. When ordering this product confirm that the package comes with following; one travel trailer cover, two reinforced straps, four-tire covers, one storage bag, and one adhesive patch


  • Extra thick high-quality fabric
  • Water repellant material
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Reinforced straps to prevent tear
  • Multiple zippered openings


  • There have been complaints that the straps are poorly sewed


7. Covercraft Wolf CY31042 Travel Trailer RV Cover

Covercraft Wolf CY31042 Travel Trailer RV Cover is a multi-layered polypropylene by Covercraft designed to cover RV trailers between 24 feet 1 inch to 24 feet long. The gray-colored fabric will ensure you excellent protection of your Trailer in a moderate climate or indoors. The cover has been engineered to be universal hence it will provide a perfect fit to most trailers.

There are various premium features incorporated on this cover. The straps and buckle systems located at the front and back of the cover will secure the rig and keep it tight. The cover does come with a rain gutter cover to protect the damage caused by the gutter. The strengthened corners will ensure your cover remains tight and tough. Inside the order package, you will receive a one trailer cover, a patch kit, and a storage bag.


  • Reinforced corners
  • Multi-layer fabric protection
  • Quality construction
  • Rain guard covers
  • Comes with a patch kit and storage bag


  • Not very sturdy


8. KINGBIRD Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover

KINGBIRD Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover by kingbird is an easy to install trailer cover for you RV. You don’t need any tools when installing this cover and it only requires one person to fully deploy the cover. Kingbird manufactures have for years been upgrading their trailer covers by using the latest technological researches and development in coming with anti-UV composite fabric. This special fabric will give you unmatched protection of your investment while ensuring a longer life.

The special heavy-duty composite made up of 5 layers white fabric and 3–ply side no-woven will protect your trailer from harmful UV that causes pre-mature aging and fading of the RV’s body. The cover has six air vents that will vent off moisture and eliminate dumping on the vehicle’s body. Other features include 2 pieces of Reinforced straps that protect the cover against being blown off by wind and 4 pieces of deluxe wheel cover to protect all the wheels equally.


  • Highly protective from UV rays
  • Makes the rig well ventilated
  • Multiple zip entries
  • Both waterproof and windproof


  • 2 years warranty is rather short


9. iiSPORT Extra Thick 4-Ply Top Panel Travel Trailer Cover

This deluxe trailer cover from iiSport features a 4-ply top and single-ply sides designed to offer protection of the trailer from extreme weather conditions. This cover is suitable for long trailers between 27 feet to 30 feet long. When ordering this cover, be sure to measure the length and height of the trailer to ensure you get a perfect fit. There are a variety of sizes available and thus you shouldn’t worry about your trailer being too big.

The key features that come in this cover include; long zipper pulls for easier door access, an adjustable front, and rear tension panels, integrated secure straps, and buckles to help you adjust the cover to fit better and eliminate flapping when windy. The air vent system prevents strong wind damage on the cover. There are also reflective panels that enable you to securely park your trailer. iiSPORT Extra Thick 4-Ply Top Panel Travel Trailer Cover is no doubt one of the best travel trailer covers for winter.


  • Promotes good ventilation
  • Long zipper pulls for easy access
  • Reflective panels for enhanced visibility at night
  • Only requires one or two persons for installation
  • Weighs a mere 4.75 pounds


  • Limited to long vehicles only – 27 feet and more


10. RV Masking Pop Up/Folding Camper Cover

RV Masking Pop Up/Folding Camper Cover is a durable and waterproof trailer cover by RV masking made of high-density polyester with a silver coating to protect your RV from rains, scratch, snow, and mildew and UV rays. Unlike other covers, this product is used to cover small trailers measuring between 10 to 12 ft long.

The cover weighs a mere 4.4lbs hence you get good portability. Installation of this cover is easy, thanks to the weighted buckle loss. You only need one or two people to set up this cover. What is great about this cover is that it comes with fabric double-stitched along the corners to enhance sturdiness. Additionally, there are two side air vents for venting out inside moisture and reduce wind stress; front and rear tension panels, elasticized hem corners and buckle at corners to provide a custom fit. When you order this product, the package will come with one trailer cover, one storage bag, one adhesive patch and two toss bags for easy installation


  • Comes with storage back and adhesive patch
  • Two sides ventilation
  • Double-stitched for sturdiness
  • Water repellant and scratch resistant fabric


  • Limited compatibility, only covers up to 12 feet long trailers



If you own a trailer and want to protect it from the harsh weather conditions, then you surely need a trailer cover. They will help keep your trailer under the right conditions and prevent any premature aging, scratch or damages. The list we have compiled is pure reviews from our experts and we have ranked the products based on their features. Next time you go shopping for a trailer cover, check this review, we believe it will get your started. Our buyers’ guide will help you select a suitable brand without much hustle.

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