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8 Best RV Awnings 2024

(Last Updated: July 22, 2020)

The best RV awning will give you maximum protection against weather elements such as rain and sun. It will also give you privacy which is what you would want when with your family members or friends. But having said that, the limbo is in finding the best awning for RV. With the many types, designs, and brands out there, it certainly isn’t a walk in the park finding one. This is why we have compiled a comprehensive buying guide for you as well as linked up some of the best awnings in the market currently. Keep reading and you might just get your best awning in minutes.

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Thule HideAway Awning 9.8
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Carefree 351016D25 Freedom Wall Mount Awning 9.7
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ALEKO Retractable RV Awning  9.3
Carefree 351388C25 Freedom Wall Mount Awning 9.9
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Carefree EA189A00 Fiesta Checkered Flag 18′ Awning 9.9
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Carefree EA14LH00 Fiesta Camel Fade 14′ Awning 9.9
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Carefree 351386D25 Freedom Wall Mount Awning 9.8
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Dometic 839CM25.000P Elite 9000 Patio Awning  9.5

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Benefits of owning an RV awning

In case you are wondering why you really should invest in an RV awning. This is why:

Gives you shade on sunny days

The primary reason why RVers invest in an RV awning is shade. Awnings protect you from the scorching sun when outside your RV. You can sit under one or even take your afternoon noon without feeling the heat.

Protects you from weather elements

Even though you would want to bask under the sun every day, the UV rays can be dangerous. Awnings, especially ones that are UV resistant protect you from its effects. They also protect you from cold, rain, splashes and so forth.

Provides you with additional space

Awnings provide an additional space where you can comfortably sit and relax as you watch your surroundings. Some are even sheltered to give an additional room where one can sleep or store your camping gear.

Increases privacy

Awnings, the kind that is walled, provide one with extra privacy. You can comfortably enjoy your space without the constant stares from strangers. These stares can really be annoyingly uncomfortable.


Types of RV awnings

Let’s start by looking at the different types of RV awnings available so that you know what choices you have.

Acrylic awnings

These are the most popular type of motorhome awnings, pretty sure you have come across one if you’ve been RVing for a while. Why they are loved so much is that they can handle just about any weather condition from the scorching sun to snow. They also dry pretty quickly. The only and probably the biggest downside to this type is that it is not waterproof and so not the best to use during the rainy season. Also when overstretched it makes that annoying whipping sound when blown by strong winds.

Vinyl awnings

If you are planning to go into full time RVing or do it for most months of the year then Vinyl awnings will be your best buy. They are made to last long and are waterproof., They are also resistant to fading, scratching, pollution and are tightly woven to prevent UV rays from penetrating through. Downside? Well, they tend to attract dirt, mold, and mildew pretty fast, this means you have to regularly have them cleaned.

Fixed awnings

Fixed awnings are permanently installed on the sides of an RV usually above the windows and doors. Even though they do not require any constant installation and dismantling every time you want to use, they can easily get damaged or broken when driving. When installing, make sure it is done firmly and securely so as to prevent it from falling.

Slide-out awnings

Just as the name suggests, slide-out awnings use a mechanically installed system to allow you to pull out whenever you want to use and similarly pull in when you are done using. Slide-out awnings are easy to maintain, clean and are affordable. Most of them are made from canvas which is durable and resistant to tear.

Automatic awnings

Automatic awnings are rather a high-end type of awnings and cost more than the other types. This is because they use an electrical system to open and close. Once installed, you will only need to operate it using a remote.

Patio awnings

These are very unique from the types above. They have walls on the sides, a doorway and a roof to create additional space outside your RV. Aside from a shade, they also provide maximum privacy and can act as an additional room to place your camping gear. Patio awnings, also known as sheltered awnings, are most ideal for cold and rainy seasons.


Buying guide

Here are key things you should be on the lookout for when buying your RV awning.


The material used to make an RV awning will largely impact its durability because some materials are more superior than others. Acrylic is the most expensive but most durable. It does not tear easily, is resistant to UV rays and is generally sturdy. If doing full-time RVing, this is the fabric you should consider. Polyester, on the other hand, is lightweight, waterproof and dries pretty quickly, however, it tears easily when overstretched. Each fabric has its own pros and cons, you just have to weigh each and see what you can or cannot deal with.


You may not think much about the budget but how much you are willing to spend will influence the type, design, and brand that you go for. Luckily, there are RV awnings to suit all budgets. You just have to determine what features matter most to you.


You don’t want to end up with an awning that is too big or too small for your rig so you need to get the sizing right. If you are replacing your awning then just go by the size of your previous one. If you are a first-time buyer, go for a size that is neither bigger than a third nor smaller than half of your rig’s length. Most manufacturers indicate the dimensions of each awning, you can use the measurements as a guide.


Go for an awning that takes the least time to install and comes with a clear setup guide and everything you need to install your new awning. Some manufacturers are thoughtful enough to upload installation videos on YouTube. Check them out if you are stuck.


As already established, there are different designs and each design serves a specific need. A good example is a sheltered design that gives you additional space while giving you maximum protection during harsh weather. This design is best if you plan to do RVing during the rainy and cold season but not during the hot summer. If looking for convenience, the automatic one will be most perfect. Basically, your needs will determine what design to go for.



Best RV Awnings 2024


1. Thule HideAway Awning

If you are looking for a quality awning that will turn your RV into a base camp for adventure, then this product should probably be your top choice. Thule’s Hideaway awning is a lightweight wall mount awning that mounts to flat, vertical surfaces. The mountings are made from aluminum material which is rust and corrosion-resistant. The awning comes with a spring-loaded tension arm that is perfectly tensioned to remain wind resistant. The mounting brackets and hardware are provided for direct mounting to a flat surface. This type of awning is universal as it comes with direct mount adapters that can fit most of the popular RV brands.

In terms of installation, Thule HideAway awning is easy to set up. It only requires one person to open and set it up. If correctly mounted, the awning will stay perfectly stable. Any sagging of fiber will be eliminated by the roller tube that is built to maintain fabric tension. You will not have a hard time choosing the perfect fit as the product comes in a variety of sizes (from 8.5 inches to 10 inches length).


  • Can be installed by one person
  • Lightweight
  • Roller tube adds to the stability
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Direct or rack mounting


  • No cons noted yet


2. Carefree 351016D25 Freedom Wall Mount Awning

Carefree 351016D25 Freedom Wall Mount Awning is made by Carefree manufactures. They are one of the most trusted brands in the industry that have been consistently producing top quality awning products to its customers. When you set your hand on this product, there is no doubt you have a great product. This awning opens 8.2 ft (2.5 m) long and comes in various width sizing. The box awning can be mounted to a side of an RV by push button or turning a hand crank to unfold the arms and thus opening the fabric shelter.

The support arms can be adjusted to reach an eye level using a flip-lock control. To close the awning, fold the support arms into the rails or simply push a button on motorizing down for an automatic close of the fabric shelter. The awning is easy to use and fast to set up. The canopy provides full protection from heavy rains, harmful UV light, and strong winds.


  • Easy to operate
  • Looks sleek and stylish
  • Set up is easy and fast
  • Available in different sizes
  • Offers complete canopy protection


  • None so far noted


3. ALEKO Retractable RV Awning

This awning by Aleko is an electricity-free retracting awning that opens and closes in less than a minute. With a water-resistant fiber, the awning will protect you from harsh weather conditions such as UV light, mildew, and rains. The brightly colored shelter has been made from a special type of fiber that won’t fade easily. When fitted to your RV, the blue canopy fiber will complement the overall look of your vehicle.

ALEKO RVAW16X8BLUE24 Retractable RV awning is a durable awning that will last long. The four-ply fiber ensures strong protection and good shade. This awning weighs about 18 pounds. It may sound very heavy but the fact is that you will be assured of long-lasting equipment. Next time you hit a camping trail, this awning may be your ideal choice for a memorable camping experience. The awning is manually operated and opening or closing is done by the aid of a simple hand crank. This process will take less than a minute.


  • Durable material
  • Takes less than a minute to open and close
  • Manual operation
  • Does not fade easily
  • Water and UV-resistant
  • Brightly colored to complement the RV


  • The installation process is not well highlighted


4. Carefree 351388C25 Freedom Wall Mount Awning

Carefree 351388C25 Freedom Wall Mount Awning is a box awning from carefree that can be mounted to the side body of your RV. This awning features a manual operation system. This is done by turning or pushing the hand crank which will unfold the support arm out of the lead bar. The support arm will stretch to set the fabric canopy into an eye’s level; easy to reach position.

This awning model can be folded back to its original position by folding the support arms into lead rails and clank in the opposite direction. The fabric will go back into the roller tubing. Carefree 351388C25 Freedom Wall Mount Awning has good stability and will remain strong despite the windy conditions. The sturdiness in this product is amazing, and together with the visually appealing design, you not only get a reliable product but also you will make your RV look more appealing.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Visually appealing
  • Great stability even in windy conditions
  • Can be fitted on to any RV model


  • None so far


5. Carefree EA189A00 Fiesta Checkered Flag 18′ Awning

Carefree EA189A00 Fiesta Checkered Flag 18′ Awning is a basic awning with an adjustable arm from the carefree. This awning has been meticulously and professionally made to give you the superior durability you are looking for. The fabric option includes weather guard that has been made from a thick vinyl-coated polyester to give maximum privacy and protection from harsh weather.

The awning comes with four major components; roller tube, springs, fabric, and weather guard. The roller tube houses the fabric while the springs are used to create tension for maximum stability. The extra additional feature includes the canopy clamps to fasten the canopy to support arms and the storage travel locks to lock the awning during travel and prevent it from opening. The mode of operating this awning is manual. The pitch is adjusted using the adjustable arms. Carefree gives warranty for all its products and therefore when you encounter any problems with this awning, you will be assured of being sorted out.


  • Manual operation
  • Water-resistant canopy
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Vinyl coating to protect against harsh weather elements


  • None so far noted


6. Carefree EA14LH00 Fiesta Camel Fade 14′ Awning

Featuring a vinyl weather guard, Carefree EA14LH00 Fiesta Camel Fade 14′ Awning is a simple to use spring-loaded awning. The weather guard protects the fiber from sun, exposure, and scrapes when the awning is rolled up. The awning has a rugged construction consisting of heavy-duty brackets and a resilient lightweight aluminum roller. The support arms and rollers are all painted white to give your motor home a clean look.

The self-storing built-in canopy clamp keeps the shelter tight and prevents any wrinkles. The awning canopy measures 14 inches wide and opens 2.21 meters. To eliminate binding during the storage and setup, the awning comes with a single track slider located inside the hardware channels. The slider also ensures you get a smooth gliding motion when rolling up the canopy. All the hardware components are made from aluminum hence you are assured of rust and corrosion-resistant fiesta.


  • Heavy-duty brackets for durability
  • Weather guard protection
  • Singletrack slider for easy rolling of the canopy
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant


  • Not very strong


7. Carefree 351386D25 Freedom Wall Mount Awning

This awning from carefree keeps you and your loved ones comfortable after a long day of adventure under the blazing sun. The fiber canopy prevents up to 85 % of sun rays hence you get a good shade to sit and enjoy the cool breeze. When ordered the product comes with a fiber roller tube assembly, White Case Vinyl Awning fabric, support arms, and 3 mounting brackets. The ground support arms securely support the awning on the ground providing excellent stability. The storage case consists of the roller. The fabric canopy will always retract into the roller casing.

This awning’s support arms fold out of the lead bar opening the canopy and setting it to an easy to reach level. Opening and closing of the support arms are done with the help of flick lock controls. The white spring casting enhances stability and sets tension. This mounting can be mounted to most RV models.


  • Fast and easy to operate
  • Excellent stability
  • Fits most RV models
  • Easy to open and close
  • Comes with a storage casing with rollers


  • None so far


8. Dometic 839CM25.000P Elite 9000 Patio Awning

This forest green woven acrylic fiber will give you a great shadow to relax during an outdoor activity. Featuring an anti-slack rafter pivot mechanism, Dometic 839CM25.000P Elite 9000 Patio Awning remains tensioned when changing between carport and pivot position, hence no need to re-tension or adjust.

The awning is easy to install and can be fitted to the side of any RV model, thanks to the sturdy universal hardware. This brand is very reputable and has remained well recognized RV awning that has graced more coaches than any other . when you set your hand on the awning, you will be assured of a superior awning. All the metals of this awning are made of aluminum material that is lightweight and very durable. The woven fabric is made of acrylic that will dry faster while the forest green color gives a vibrant look. The opening and closing of this awning are done by a self-locking lift handle.


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy yet lightweight
  • Visually appealing
  • Can fit the side of any RV model
  • Easy to open and close
  • The fabric dries super fast


  • Some people may find it a bit pricey



You only need an RV for three things; privacy, protection from harsh weather and to give you shade. With these three needs in mind, it shouldn’t be hard to find the best motorhome awning since you already know why you need it. Even though they vary in prices, design, and features, all the awnings from our selection will provide you all. Go ahead and take your pick.

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