Coleman Trinidad (Sunridge) Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman Trinidad (Sunridge) Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag Review

(Last Updated: February 8, 2019)

Coleman Trinidad (Sunridge) Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag




Size (unpacked)


Size (packed)





  • Patented zipper system that helps to plow the fabric from the zipper, thus reducing snags
  • The Fiberlock construction material keeps the insulation of the bag from shifting
  • The bag is machine washable, which reduces the amount of time you need to clean the bag
  • ComfortCuff technology that ensures your face is kept soft at all times
  • ThermoLock construction to minimize heat loss when the weather is cool
  • You can easily zip two bags together, hence create more space


  • Can be a bit difficult to put back into its bag
  • Doesn't compress very well. It makes this bag not ideal for backpacking.

The Coleman Trinidad (Sunridge) Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag is rectangular. Rectangular sleeping bags provide you with a lot of space to sleep in whenever you go camping or hiking. Consequently, if you want to buy a sleeping bag with sufficient room it is advisable to use the Coleman Trinidad (Sunridge) Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag.

Not only does this bag provide plenty of room, it also keeps you comfortable in warm temperatures of between 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (4-16° C). Its polyester fabric does not absorb humidity easily, thus keeping you very dry. It also acts as a part of a double sleeping bag as you can zip two bags together, thus creating more space. Zipping two bags together makes it a favorable choice for couples, or kids. Despite its large space that can make it lose heat easily, it is built with a Thermolock™ construction to promote heat retention. Therefore, it is a good sleeping bag for kids, and it can be used comfortably at home.

Furthermore, the bag has a soft texture at its top, hence giving you a soft feel around your head. The bag makes your washing easy as it is machine washable.


  • Measures 3 (H) x 33 (W) x 75 (L) inches (~7.5 x 83 x 190 cm) when unpacked
  • Measures 9 x 9 x 17 inches (~23 x 23 x 43 cm) when packed
  • Weighs 4.4 lbs (~2 kg)
  • Its temperature rating is 40° F (4° C)
  • 100 % polyester (fabric and fill)
  • Contains brushed polyester covering and polyester tricot lining
  • Fiberlock™ Construction which prevents insulation inside the bag from shifting
  • Thermolock™ System keeps the heat from escaping through the zippers
  • Roll Control™ System helps to fold the bag quickly and easily
  • Comes with a stuff sack for easy packing
  • Rectangle-shaped
  • Suitable for persons with the height of up to 5 ft 11 in (~180 cm)
  • Can be machine washed
  • Blue/grey in color


This sleeping bag is covered with a 5-year limited warranty.

The bottom line

The bag is great for warm-weather camping or indoor use. If you go camping in the mid- or late fall, this is not the sleeping bag for you.

Otherwise, it is a comfortable bag which offers lots of space inside.

One of the best things about it is that it can be mated with another sleeping bag to form a double sleeping bag which is great for couples.

What do you think?

Have you tried this sleeping bag? Let other readers know what your experience is. What pros and cons can you list from your experience? It is always great to hear from people who walked the walk and can share their knowledge.


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    Size (unpacked)


    Size (packed)




    Very simple sleeping bag. Nothing fancy. I’ve been using it for 3 years now. I am not a frequent camper though. I camp like 10 times during a year…

    The bag does it’s job. In the warm season, of course – just like it’s name says.

    It is cheap and requires no maintenance. If I see it is worn out, I will just get a new one. Simple 😉


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