Best Bunk Ladders for Motorhomes

7 Best Bunk Ladders for Motorhomes 2024

(Last Updated: August 13, 2020)

A bunk bed is an awesome way of saving the limited space in your motorhome. These beds can be stacked in twos or even threes hence accommodating more people at once. Most bunk beds do not come with ladders thus accessing top beds can be very hard. To help you get access to the top bed, the bunk ladders come in handy. Bunk ladders are just like the normal ladders only that they are specially designed to run to the bed frame and hook firmly. These ladders are often lightweight and portable. Most of them can be dismantled when not in use and hence saving you’re a valuable step.

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Stromberg Carlson 60 Inch LA-460 Bunk Ladder-60 9.4
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Stromberg Carlson LA-466B Bunk Ladder-66 9.5
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Quick Products QP-LA-460B RV Bunk Ladder, 60″ 9.4
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Top Line (BL200-05) Bunk Ladder with 60″ Hook and 1.5″ Opening 9.4
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Top Line (BL200-06) Bunk Ladder with 66″ Hook and 1.5″ Opening 9.7
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Quick Products QP-LA-466B RV Bunk Ladder, 66″ 9.6
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Top Line (BL200-07) 60″ Docking System Bunk Ladder 9.7

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This article will cover some of the best RV bunk ladders for sale while highlighting the pros and cons of each ladder. Additionally, we have a buyer’s guide to help you get started and also tips on ensuring safety when using these ladders.

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Buying guide

RV bunk ladders are primarily made to be used by kids. Most of these ladders are lightweight and have an average weight-bearing capacity of 250 lbs. The wrong choice can lead to a breakdown and even possible accidents. Before deciding on what you will buy, make sure you consider the following factors:


Regardless of the ladder choice, safety is the number one priority. A good bunk ladder should ensure the safety of users and surrounding persons. Most ladders come with non-slip rubber that prevents falling when ascending or descending. Some do even come with added attachments such as hooks and brackets. Make sure your choice has these safety features.


The height of the ladder is an important consideration when buying an RV ladder for bunk beds. Since the ladder heights do vary, it’s a good idea to first measure the position that the ladder will be placed before ordering one. The ladders listed in this article are of different heights and can be trimmed to fit the bed size.

Weight of the ladder

Weight is another factor that should be among the top considerations when buying RV bunk ladders. The fact that the bunk ladders support the average weight of a child, getting extremely lightweight or heavy ladders is not a good idea. Very lightweight ladders are likely to flex and snap when multiple children try to access the bed at once. The heavyweight ladders will bring portability issues and can also injure your children badly when it slips from bed rung. The best option for weight is an aluminum or steel type of ladders. These materials offer lightweight ladders which are very strong and not easy to fail. Also, check the maximum allowable weight of the ladder.

Spacing between steps

The step spacing is the distance between two steps. The distance should be small enough to Carter for your child’s Small steps. You don’t want to buy a ladder with large spacing that will strain your child’s mobility. Also, check on the size of the steps. The area of footprints should be sufficient enough to allow comfortable stepping. A small area will dig into your fit and cause pain when ascending or descending.

Weight capacity

One of the most important factors to consider is the ladder’s weight capacity. Even though a bunk bed ladder will typically take in the average weight of a kid, it is still important to find out what its limit is. And especially if your kids are a little on the heavy side. A larger weight capacity that can also support you as an adult would be the best, as you never know when you will need to use it. Knowing how cheeky kids can get, they will at some point compete to use one ladder and so if it can not support the weight of two or three kids, it will break down and worse of all injure them.


An adjustable ladder has way more benefits as you can adjust it to suit different users. You can adjust both the angle and the height to also suit the bunk bed size without having to trim it off.


As we mentioned before, being a River means you are constantly looking for ways to save on space and this includes having ladders that can fold down to a smaller size for easy storage. Most models can be detached and moved away during the day to free up some floor space.


Safety tips for using a bunk bed ladder

The bunk bed ladder can be a hazard if you are not keen. To maximize the safety of your kids, put in mind these safety tips.

  • Do not compromise on the quality, get the best quality your money can afford.
  • When the vehicle is moving, always hold the ladder for the kids when they are using it.
  • Always stick to the weight capacity of the ladder, do not be tempted to add more weight no matter how sturdy you think your ladder is.
  • If your ladder has no anti-slip features use a non-slip mat instead. Place it under the ladder to prevent slipping.
  • Teach your kids to use the ladder correctly. They should use the ladder when at the center and not leaning towards one side as they can easily fall.
  • The ladder should be adjusted when down and not when on top of it.
  • Hold the ladder’s rails when ascending or descending.
  • Don’t reach too high and avoid bending too far from the ladder.



Best Bunk Ladders for Motorhomes 2024


1. Stromberg Carlson 60 Inch LA-460 Bunk Ladder-60

Stromberg Carlson 60 Inch LA-460 Bunk Ladder-60 is a sixty inches long ladder with one-inch diameter ladder tubing made to help you get in and out of your motorhome bunk beds effortlessly. This ladder is designed and produced by the legendary Stromberg Carlson who has been in the market for over 40 years. With such a long duration of gaining expertise, you are guaranteed a quality product that will last longer and keep you safe.

The ladder comes with two types of attachments; extrusion and hooks. Both attachment methods are built to help enhance your safety and also fit any bunk bed design. This product weighs a mere 6.5 pounds and can support maximum weights of up to 250 pounds without flexing. The bunk ladder has padded rubber footings that help increase traction and prevent slipping when ascending or descending. It is used to access bunk beds conveniently for small feet or get to stored items inside your RV for large feet. It is designed to be portable and therefore can be dismantled to save valuable space when not in use.

Dimensions: 61.2 x 13.5 x 2.2 inches


  • Comes with two attachment options for maximum safety
  • Can be detached and stored away
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Non-slip rubber padding to prevent slipping
  • Sturdy and stable


  • May require modifications to fit some bunks


2. Stromberg Carlson LA-466B Bunk Ladder-66

This 66 inches long ladder from Stromberg Carlson is made of lightweight aluminum to give you the much-needed portability and versatility. The ladder can perfectly fit most bunk beds. In case it doesn’t fit your liking, the 1-inch diameter ladder tubing is soft and so you can trim it off. The modification will be very minimal. This bunk ladder is perfectly suited for kids as it is made to support lighter weights. It weighs 2.3 pounds and can always be dismantled and stored away during the day.

The safety of users has been enhanced by the provision of various attachment methods. Large hooks are provided to avoid the drilling of fascia board while small hooks and extrusion are used for positive attachment. Extra attachments provide a tight fit and thus a secure suspension. The Stromberg Carlson LA-466B Bunk Ladder-66, Black has padding rubber incorporated on the steps to prevent slipping. They have also been closely spaced to cater to your child’s short steps. The stylish black coat finish gives the bunk ladder a perky look, and won’t scratch easily. The maximum weight bearing of the ladder is 250 pounds.

Dimensions: 66.8 x 8 x 2.8 inches


  • Extremely light making it easy to carry around
  • Easy to set it up
  • Not prone to scratches
  • The steps are closely spaced
  • Comes with additional attachments for safety


  • Not very strong to support adult weight


3. Quick Products QP-LA-460B RV Bunk Ladder, 60″

This four-step bunk ladder helps you or your kids to climb in and out of their bunk bed without the fear of hurting their feet. The ladder is portable and hence can be removed to save your motor home a valuable space. There are two ways to suspend this ladder; by directly mounting over the edge of the bed frame or mounting it into the provided brackets. This ladder can support maximum weights of 250 pounds. Each step of the ladder has non-slip rubber pads and sleeves to prevent slipping. Without any attachments, the ladder weighs around 6 pounds which makes it lightweight and easy to carry.

The ladder is perfect if you want an easy to install, lightweight and portable product. The black color finish makes the ladder to comfortably blend with the surrounding of most motor homes. The manufacturers of this product, Quick, offer a non-slip finish to prevent snagging of clothing and scratching from the ladder.

Dimensions: 61.5 x 13.5 x 2.5 inches


  • Anti-slip rubber padding to prevent slipping
  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • Easy to dismantle and set up
  • Installation takes very minimal effort
  • Stable and sturdy design


  • The rungs are far spaced for kids


4. Top Line (BL200-05) Bunk Ladder with 60″ Hook and 1.5″ Opening

Top Line (BL200-05) Bunk Ladder measures 60 inches tall and 13 inches wide. With two hooks, this ladder can be hung on the rung of a bed, hence no need for drilling. You can tighten or loosen the grip by varying the 1.5 inches hook opening. It is made from an aluminum alloy making it lightweight and durable. It weighs about 5 pounds and thus carrying it around is super simple. The ladder can be removed after use and stored inside your camper. This bunk ladder can support maximum weights of up to 300 pounds without bending or flexing. The ladder is very sturdy and can adapt to any height of the bunk.

The steps have been padded with a soft rubber finish that feels comfortable when you step on. There is no risk of slipping as the pads are made rough to increase traction when climbing. This guarantees your safety when using the ladder. Finally, aluminum finishing helps protect snagging or scratching.

Dimensions: 61 x 13 x 4 inches


  • Comes with an anti-slip rubber padding
  • Is made of aluminum finishing to prevent scratching
  • Has a higher weight capacity
  • Simple installation process
  • Super lightweight for portability


  • Rungs are far spaced for kids


5. Top Line (BL200-06) Bunk Ladder with 66″ Hook and 1.5″ Opening

Made from high strength 6063-T6 aluminum alloy, Top Line (BL200-06) Bunk Ladder is a lightweight and sturdy option. The high-quality material ensures an easy and safe move to your bunk bed. At the end of each pole, there are plastic hooks that can attach to most bunk beds. For added grip, the hooks have a 1.5-inch opening. This ladder is well built and made for convenience and safety. Rubber padded steps will give you a comfy feeling on your feet when climbing the ladder and also prevent slip. The rubber tip at the end of each pole enhances stability and protects the floor of the motor home from being damaged.

When installing, the ladder will fit most rungs. However, if it fails to fit size, you can do modifications by yourself. The aluminum tubing is soft and thus can be cut with pipe cutters. Aluminum has been finished to prevent snagging and scratching.

Dimensions: 67 x 13 x 4 inches


  • Secure and sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • Simple installation
  • Padded steps


  • Steps are too thin hence can hurt your feet during climbing


6. Quick Products QP-LA-466B RV Bunk Ladder, 66″

Similar to the Quick Products QP-LA-460B RV Bunk Ladder, this Quick product QP-LA-466B RV Ladder is a portable bunk ladder that can be fitted to your bunk and removed anytime to save space. It is constructed from lightweight aluminum and finished with black coat paint to give a cool stylish finish which does not also scratch easily. The two types of mountings, direct mounting to the edge of the bed frame and mounting to provided brackets, ensure you get a secure four-step climb.

Rubber padding at each of the four-steps gives you a comfy and warm feeling on your feet when climbing these steps. The rough surface increases friction and reduces sliding making it very safe especially for kids. This bunk step is easy to install and doesn’t need much labor. The fact that its lightweight, it doesn’t mean that that it won’t support much weight, the step has an amazing weight-bearing capacity of 250 pounds. In case you order and find this step is longer than the height of your bunk, you can do trimming to fit size.

Dimensions: 67.5 x 13.5 x 2.5 inches


  • Super light making it very portable
  • Can be detached and stored away to free up some space
  • Dual mounting options
  • Comes with a rubber padding on each step to prevent slipping


  • The manufacture has not provided installation instruction for brackets


7. Top Line (BL200-07) 60″ Docking System Bunk Ladder

With the ability to support 300 pounds of weight, this high strength bunk ladder will give you safe and easy access to top bunk beds. The ladder has been beautifully finished with no protruding fasteners nor screw heads. Steps have been padded to prevent slipping and also provide a warm and cushioned feeling when going upstairs.

All parts of the ladder have been smoothly finished to prevent any scratching or snagging of clothing. The docking helps prevent slipping and rubber fittings at the poles of the ladder increase stability. Made from aluminum, the Top Line (BL200-07) 60″ Docking System Bunk Ladder is super light and thus can be carried easily. This ladder comes with a 60 inches docking system.

Dimensions: 61 x 13 x 5 inches


  • Rubber fittings at the pole make it very stable
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Smooth finishing to prevent snagging
  • Docking system prevents slipping


  • The manufacturer has not provided installation instruction for the brackets



Finding the best RV bunk ladder can be very challenging, to say the least, considering that there are hundreds of different brands out there. Which is expected since bunk ladders have been around for a very long time. Whether it’s the wood type ladder or metal ladders, always make sure you check for the weight, step spacing, safety, and height. These are key features that should be your number one priority. We hope this article will help you get the best RV ladder for bunk beds.

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