Teton Sports Mammoth 0° F Queen Size Sleeping Bag

Teton Sports Mammoth 0° F Queen Size Sleeping Bag Review

(Last Updated: February 8, 2019)

Teton Sports Mammoth 0° F Queen Size Sleeping Bag




Size (unpacked)


Size (packed)





  • It’s huge
  • You can unzip it to make two big quilts
  • The mummy hood will give extra warmth
  • It’s relatively light
  • Inner lining of flannel is very comfortable
  • Has extra cushioning on the zips and shoulders to keep all cold out
  • The sturdy Taffeta shell will withstand many years of use
  • Comfortable metal pulls for the two-way zippers


  • This is definitely not a backpacking sleeping bag because it is too bulky and heavy for hitchhikers.

Finding the best sleeping bag when you are going camping is akin to finding your insulin jabs when you are diabetic. The sleeping bag will make the difference between how tired or rejuvenated you feel the following morning to go on with your hiking or camping sojourn.

Thankfully, your sleeping bag choices do not come any better than the Teton Sports Mammoth 0°F Queen Size Sleeping Bag. It is big and when I was searching for information about it online, I found some people saying that they shared the bag with their spouse and small child. Well, I have only shared it with my spouse but I can tell you that it leaves enough room for a kid or a pet as well. Thus, if you are looking for a sleeping bag that can give you more than enough value for your money, this queen-sized Teton is good enough for you.

In fact, it is more than good enough. One thing you should know though before you go to buy this sleeping bag is that it is made with campers in mind, rather than the hitchhikers. It is a huge sleeping bag, meaning that it is also heavier than most. Thus, if you are looking for an ultralight sleeping bag to take on your hitchhiking trip, this is not it for you. This one is best for car campers.

Note that is you are looking for another model of Teton Sports Mammoth Queen Size Sleeping Bag which is for warmer temperatures of 20° F (-7° C), click here.



  • Measures 2 (H) x 62 (W) x 94 inches (L) (~5 x 157 x 238 cm) when unpacked
  • Measures 27 x 14 x 14 inches (~68 x 36 x 36 cm) when packed
  • Weighs 16.5 lbs (~7.5 kg)
  • Its temperature rating is 0° F (-18° C)
  • Comes with Three S zipper plus zipper guard to prevent snagging
  • The shell is made of Taffeta
  • The lining is made of polyester flannel (100% brushed)
  • Comes with huge Oxford Stuffing Sack with compression straps and drawstring
  • Made with hollow fiber insulating technology – SuperLoft Elite™ for extra warmth
  • Available in olive green color
  • Has a mummy-style hood


The sleeping bag comes with a limited lifetime warranty meaning that should it break down due to a workmanship or manufacturing defect, you will have it replaced at no extra cost on you.

The bottom line

If you would like to share a sleeping bag with your partner, the Teton Sports Mammoth 0°F Queen Size Sleeping Bag is recommended for you. It is warm, super sturdy and durable. It has snag-free zippers, can accommodate two adults and a kid, made of a long-lasting Taffeta shell and has a mummy-style hood to keep your head off the ground. Plus it is a great value for the money.

What do you think?

Have you tried this sleeping bag? Let other readers know what your experience is. What pros and cons can you list from your experience? It is always great to hear from people who walked the walk and can share their knowledge.

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