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Double Sleeping Bags – Things To Know Before You Buy One

(Last Updated: February 8, 2019)

Camping is a very enjoyable experience when you are alone. However, it is much more fun when you go camping as a couple. There will be many things to do throughout the day, many activities that will usurp your energy. That is why you should consider having a good double sleeping bag so that you can have a full night of rejuvenating sleep.


Double Sleeping Bag


Double sleeping bags are among the most important components of camping because you’ll actually want to have a warm and comfortable night after a day of hiking or car camping so that you start your next day when you are fresh, energetic and happy. As their name suggests, they are double, meaning that they can host two people comfortably and what’s more, they have features that the users the convenience of sleeping alone. For example:

  • They have zips on both sides to ensure that one partner can creep out from their side without interrupting the other’s sleep
  • Some double sleeping bags have a hood feature that is the same as that of a single sleeping bag so that if one person wants to let their down, they can do so without affecting the other
  • Actually, using the double sleeping bags is almost the same as using the single sleeping bags, but with the comforts of sharing one comfortably and with enough space
  • Draft tube to buffer the zipper area so that no cold air gets in
  • Pillow pockets, each per person so that whoever cares to use a pillow can slip theirs in without affecting the other
  • They have all the other features that a good sleeping bag should have like choice fill, skin-friendly inner lining and stuffing sack.

Note that these features may be specific to one double sleeping bag, but mostly they are standard in many bags. Look out for them when buying your sleeping bag.

You must choose double sleeping bags keenly

To stay warm at night and enjoy a comfortable sleep, you should buy a good double sleeping bag that will make sleeping together the most pleasant experience. When it comes to single sleeping bags, you are spoilt for choices because there are many options available. Unfortunately, that’s not the case when it comes to finding the best double sleeping bags.


Double Sleeping Bag


For this reason, many couples often end up with the wrong two-person sleep systems, which destroy their nights and the whole experience that was supposed to be an out-of-this-world experience. You must buy one keenly so that you can have a sleeping bag that can serve you for many years.

When you see double sleeping bags for sale, don’t rush to buy them, use the tips from this article to evaluate them first.

Why do you want the double sleeping bags?

Double sleeping bags for backpacking are light, while those for regular camping are heavier. Thus, specify at the store exactly what purpose you want the bag for. In addition, are you and your partner big-framed people? Do not worry, there is an extra large sleeping bag to fit the two of you snugly. However, when it comes to double, you had better forget the mummy-shaped sleeping bags.

For you to be able to choose the right sleeping bag that will keep the two of you warm and have a comfortable night, here is what you should know before buying:

1. Know the weather

Before buying a double sleeping bag, the first thing you need to know is the weather and how cold or hot it might get where you will be camping. Knowing the weather will help you buy a sleeping bag with a sufficient insulation according to how cold it will probably get when you’re camping. Knowing the weather will help you know how warm you want your sleeping bag to be.

Double Sleeping Bag Cold Weather

A basic requirement for all double sleeping bags is to keep you and your loved one warm during the night. Because sleeping bags do not have the same temperature ratings, you need to buy the one with ratings that best suit the weather of where you will be camping.

Temperature rating

Sleeping Bag Temperature Rating

Most of the sleeping bags in the market come with the standard temperature rating of 0 degrees Fahrenheit / -17 degrees Celsius. However, this does not mean that you will always need that. Sometimes, you could be camping in the summer in which case you would need a sleeping bag that would be suitable for high summer temperatures, most likely an ultralight one.

Season rating

Another rating to consider is the “season”, which is actually designed to give you an idea of whether that sleeping bag is suitable for all months of the year or for summer only. In case it’s suitable for summer only, it will be rated as 1 season and if it’s suitable throughout the year, then it’s rated as 4-season.

Sleeping Bag Season Rating

It’s important to note that these two ratings often go hand in hand. According to the experts, the better the temperature rating of a particular double sleeping bag the more seasons it will serve for. But still, these two qualities depend on many other factors including the insulation type (synthetic or down), the lining as well as the shell material.

2. Do some research on your environment

Apart from the weather, you should also know the environment of where you will be camping. Ensure you know whether you will be camping in a moist environment or otherwise so that you know the kind of double sleeping bag to buy that will best suit your camping situation.

Sleeping Bag Insulation

A synthetic fill sleeping bag is good for camping in a moist environment

Down filled bags are all good and light, but they may not do you much good if you will be camping in damp environments. Natural fibers, most of them at least, absorb moisture, which will shorten the lifespan of your double sleeping bag. In that case, carry a sleeping bag that is filled with 100% polyester fill. It is synthetic and a bit heavier, but you will love its endurance in moist conditions.

Down fill sleeping bag is good for high altitude camping

If you’re going camping in high mountain region, it’s advisable that you buy down-filled sleeping bags, which are often used in such places because they’re actually warmer as compared to the synthetic ones. They are also lighter by several pounds and therefore carrying them with you on the trail will be easier, especially as this one is a double sleeping bag and it will be bulky.

To use your down-filled sleeping bag even in damp conditions, carry a sleeping bag which will be between the ground and the sleeping bag.

If you are going camping in a wet environment, the perfect double sleeping bag for you and your loved one is that which is made of synthetic-filled. In fact, if any of you is allergic to dawn, then a synthetic-filled sleeping bag is your best alternative. Again, these bags cost less and therefore, you’ll have an advantage especially if you’re on a budget.

You should keep in mind that synthetic materials are often heavier. Again, they will take up more of your pack space than down filled bags apart from the fact that they’re not very warm as compared to down-filled bags.

BONUS: Check out this cool guide called “Care of Down and Synthetic Sleeping Bags” from Utah State University. It will give you the understanding of how to take care of your sleeping bag, be it down or synthetic.

3. The correct sleeping bag space

Before buying a double sleeping bag, you should know the correct sleeping space that the two of you will feel comfortable in. Remember that these sleeping bags don’t come in a range of shapes like single sleeping bags.

Double Sleeping Bag

To ensure that there is enough space for the two of you, you should consider buying a bag that comes in a rectangular shape. Actually, rectangular shape is the best because it will be able to create enough space for you and your loved one.

If you like it when your head and neck have extra space, then a rectangular double sleeping bag is your perfect option. It’s only that these bags might let in cold air through your shoulders. To help combat this problem, you should buy a sleeping bag with hoods.

4. Know the possible features of the double sleeping bag

Knowing double sleeping bag features before you buy is very important. Before you buy anything, it’s only logical that you know what it’s made of. That way, you will know what you should look out for when you step into a retail store or when you place an order online.
Here are some of the features you should know before buying a sleeping bag:


Double Mummy Sleeping Bag Hood

If you are going camping in a cool area, you will be losing a lot of heat, especially from your head. Therefore, it is important that you buy a sleeping bag with a hood to help control the loss of heat and help the bag stay warmer throughout the night.


Double Sleeping Bag With Pillows

For couples who value comfort, pillows are important. Actually, pillows should be available in the wood areas so that the couples can sleep more comfortably. It would be more advantageous if the sleeping bag is provided with a pillow pocket in which you can fix those pillows or just roll up a woolen sweater for extra comfort.


You should know that the zipper is very important. In case you don’t check well and buy a sleeping bag with a faulty zip, chances are that you and your loved one would freeze, which could actually have a devastating health effect on both of you.

Snag Free Zipper Sleeping Bag

The zipper should not snag on the cloth and most importantly, make sure it has its draft tube to prevent heat loss.


Waterproof Sleeping Bag Shell

You should mind the shell finish very much. Make sure that it has a high-quality water-repellent finish and that the material is non-rip because you could be camping in an area that has pebbles. Mostly, this will be non-rip nylon or polyester.

Mating sleeping bags

Sometimes it is quite flexible to have two separate sleeping bags that fit together. This type of bags is called mating sleeping bags.

In your want to learn more about other types and features of sleeping bags, click here.


With those few tips, I am sure you can now be able to buy one of the high-quality double sleeping bags, either at the local sporting goods store or from the online marketplaces.

If you have enough space at home to store such a bulky bag, and its weight doesn’t bother you, you probably should get one if you are used to go camping with your spouse or kids.

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