Camping - One of the Most Affordable Holidays

Camping – One of the Most Affordable Holidays

(Last Updated: February 8, 2019)

It is always interesting to go for a vacation and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. You get to enjoy the fresh air, beautiful scenery and probably even make a few new friends. You can have the perfect trip in mind until your budget starts poking holes into your fantasy. Money is an issue when it comes to your choice of destination.

The last thing you want is to travel to an exotic place and end up going back home having used all your savings. This is where camping is more than just an exciting solution, you get to explore beautiful places and still keep your purse strings attached.

It sounds like a fairy tale, but it’s actually achievable. All you need is to search for a free campsite and you’ll have as much fun or even more than everyone else that spends their night in a hotel room.

Nothing beats the sense of adventure you can get from camping. If you think an air-conditioned room is fancy, then you should try the outdoors. Again, the reason you are on vacation is that you want to try a new experience, not to spend your time in a hotel room drinking margaritas and watching television.

So, let’s dive in on why camping should be at the top of your list when you’re making your travel plans.


What makes camping an inexpensive option?


You get free accommodation

Camping is an inexpensive way to explore new places without having the overhead of paying for a hotel. Depending on where you are planning to go, there are many campgrounds that offer free camping sites. If you don’t have an RV, don’t worry, there are other effective solutions like a tent.

Tents usually vary in size and sturdiness. If you are going as a group, you might get a larger tent to accommodate everyone. Do your research beforehand to find out of the best sites to visit with free accommodation.

If they have charges, get to know the specifics and exactly what their prices are. There is nothing fun about being caught off-guard with extra expenses. Some national parks will require you to pay an entrance fee to gain access to their camping sites, which is relatively low as compared to the money you would pay if you rented a hotel room.

If you’re traveling as a family and you need separate tents for the children, you can always go for a secondhand tent to save money. Just search online for someone who wants to dispose of theirs and buy it. The whole point is saving money and still get to have fun while at it.

You spend less money on food

Most people love trying new cuisines when they travel to a new destination. However, that requires money, which in this case, we are going for the cheaper option to lower expenses. So, forget about the delicious, exotic flavors for now and prepare your own meals.

In many public campgrounds, you can gather firewood and cook your meals on the open fire. You get to have a bonfire and prepare your meals at the same time. Just because you are cooking your own food, does not mean you can’t be adventurous in your cooking. There are many creative dishes you can prepare to give you a hint of the good life.

You will be surprised at the amazing options you have at your disposable. To make a few suggestions, you can make cheesy bacon, pancakes, French toast, fried potatoes, BBQ pork, or even campfire nachos. The options are endless. It all depends on what you like and how much time you have at your disposal.

If you have a long list of things, but with limited time, the best way to make the entire meal preparation easy and fun are to carry pre-made meals. You can have burritos, sandwiches or even tacos. This will make cooking less exhaustive, especially if you have little kids to take care of.

Fewer transport expenses

The fact that you are searching for places to camp for free means it’s a relatively close place that will not require you to make a trip to the airport. Driving to your destination is cheaper than paying for a flight.

If you don’t have a car, you can hire one for a fair price or if you’re lucky you might get a friend willing to give you their RV for the weekend. You can get amazing places around your area where you can visit for the weekend and have fun.  

More activities to do

Camping allows you to try new fun activities that will help keep your mind occupied. You can go biking, hiking, fishing, and sightseeing. Some destinations have a whole list of activities you can engage in.  You can split your time depending on the activities you have planned for the day.

Some camping vacations have guides that can help you make the most of your day by giving you suggestions on the best places to visit. This mostly applies in areas where there might be wild animals or rough terrains. In return, you will be required to give them a small tip as a token of appreciation for their service.

In other places, you can go on your own trail and make your personal discoveries. You get to see the beauty of nature and discover hiking trails. If you’re lucky, you can visit a national park and enjoy the beauty of wildlife. Some parks have wonderful sightseeing opportunities, from waterfalls to lakes.

Stargazing is one of the exciting activities you don’t need to pay anyone to take part in. Being far from city lights makes the sky clear and you can enjoy the beautiful constellations. You can lay on the grass and relax your mind after a long day of activities. There’s no better way to end the night than appreciating the majestic splendor of the stars.

Fewer opportunities to spend money

Can you believe you can have one of the most affordable holidays without bleeding your bank account dry? It all boils down to finding the right destination that is far from shopping malls and restaurants. Most parks and camping sites are in remote locations where you can’t rush to the mall if you forgot to buy tissue paper or a can of soda.

The distance might not be good when you’re at home, but it’s the best when it comes to camping. Plan ahead so that you purchase all the necessities before you start your journey. A remote camping site is great as it helps you disassociate yourself from the pressure of life and social media.

Without the external influence, you can easily get by without things you would consider at the top of your shopping list. Who needs expensive tissue paper or shower gel in the woods? Such small things make a difference in cutting down your costs.

Some camping sites have free, fun activities to do which means having your entire day occupied provides fewer opportunities to spend money. Such a great way to keep your bank account full.

A great way to relax

Spending a few days from the city might be the break you need to recharge. It can get draining sitting at a desk, in front of a computer doing the same thing every day. If you’re studying, having assignments and exams can leave you worn out.

The best solution is to search for affordable camping trailers and hit the road. You get to see amazing scenery on your road trip and have a few days when you can unwind and have hours of enjoyment. The fact that you can get affordable sites makes it even more exciting.

You can invite your friends to tag along and find group activities you can participate in. If you have trouble sleeping, then camping should definitely be worth your consideration. Being out in nature, re-programs your biological clock and you will be able to have a restful night.

The fact that you only use natural light when camping is less stressful to your eyes and you get to relax better. By being taking part in different physical activities you get to improve your mental fitness, which ultimately boosts your mood. Less stress means you get to find enjoyment in more things, making you happier in return.


Ways to reduce your camping expenses


We all agree that camping is fun. In most cases, the fun does cost money. There are ways you can reduce your costs and still get to explore as many places as you’d like. It starts with your initial purchases and your choice of places to go camping. These few tips below will help lower your costs and have you enjoying the wonderful sunset in no time.

Buy quality secondhand  gear

The excitement of going camping can make you go on an unnecessary shopping spree. If it’s you are a first time camper, you don’t need to waste your money on buying new gear. People don’t go camping every weekend, so you can easily get someone online to rent their tent or buy old functional items.

There are plenty of sleeping options available depending on your budget. Leave the inflatable air mattress and go for an inexpensive air pad or sleeping bag. Instead of buying a gas burner, use firewood to cook your food. With time, you can buy your own gear and get to rent to people as well and make some money for your next trip.

Search for places with cheap accommodation

Before you get on the road, take time and search for sites that provide camping for free. This goes a long way in lowering your expenses. Camping sites have different activities and sights that might influence your decision.

Have an open mind and be willing to adjust your expectations as you choose your destination. There is no point of going to an expensive destination and spend the entire time stressed about money. You will always find places you can visit that require no parking fees.

Have a budget

Do you want to try ten different fun activities in a day? Do you have the money to pay for all those activities? Just because you get free RV camping does not mean all the activities within the park are free.

You will have to pay extra for each activity you participate in. This can get expensive if you have a large family. Prepare a budget and make sure you stay within that budget by choosing maybe 2 or 3 activities only. Leave out activities which you can try during your next trip.

Ditch unhealthy snacks

Finally, you have made it to one of the cheap RV parks where you can enjoy the fresh air and get plenty of Vitamin D. Snacks are great to boost your energy as you go hiking or biking. The last thing you want is a chocolate bar or a bag or chips.

Instead of feeling energized, you will feel worse. You will feel tired and lazy. Not the best combination for a great camping trip. Buy healthy snacks like nuts and granola bars that will keep your energy on high and sustain your mood. You can make your own snacks at home and get to save some extra coins.

Avoid disposables

When you search for information on how to camp for free, you might come across comments that suggest you should use disposable plates and cups. Bad idea. Before we even get to the environmental issue, buying disposables is another expense you need to scrape off.

Carry your own utensils from home. Not the expensive, fancy ones, just simple cutlery that you can pack. If the site you visit has a fountain, then instead of buying bottled water, get a refillable bottle. These small adjustments are crucial in helping you save money from cheap camping trips.


There are many benefits of camping that you should consider. Apart from the obvious financial aspect where you get to save money, you also get to have fun. Don’t start preparing for your vacation when you are already tired and exhausted from the pressures of life. All you need is your car and a few supplies to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and get plenty of fresh air.

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