Best Rooftop Cargo Bags 2019 – 7 Top Choices

Best Rooftop Cargo Bags 2019 – 7 Top Choices

(Last Updated: February 8, 2019)

Whether going out for vacation or picnic, spending all day in the beach or a camping trip through the wilderness, you’d want to bring essential stuff along with you on the trip. It’s pretty hard to bring everything with you and just make it all fit in your car together with you, especially if you have companions along, as most cars just have small cargos that won’t be able to handle big and bulky things. Because of this common traveling dilemma, people have figured out a way to travel with ease while bringing their bulky things at the same time.

While some car trunks are enough to fit in some stuff, the roof of the car can be transformed into a second trunk as it can be more spacious as the original trunk itself. With the great space advantage that the rooftop has, this instantly becomes the perfect place to put the huge and bulky things to avoid it from getting in the way inside the car. There’s only one more thing that that’s needed to make this way more effective to handle the big amount of baggage. This is where a rooftop cargo bag gets in the setup.


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Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bag 8.5
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SHIELD JACKET Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Luggage Travel Bag 8.9
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Reese Explore 1041100 Rainproof Car Top Carrier 9.3
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Waterproof Canvas Cargo Storage by Vault 9.4
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Keeper 07204 Black Premium Waterproof Cargo Bag 9.0
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G4Free Car Top Carrier 8.7
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Rightline Gear 100S20 Sport 2 Car Top Carrier 9.3

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Rooftop cargo bags also called in different names including roof rack cargo bag, and rooftop cargo carrier bag, are specifically designed to carry any belonging (especially bulky stuff) and keep it safely stored on the spacious room given by the car rooftop. Although many argue about this way regarding the loss of fuel while traveling with heavy stuff on the roof, the modern vehicle designs keep things still.

Rooftop cargo carrier bags come in different styles and size that suit the bag required and the car design that it will be attached to. Vehicles go with or without roof racks installed and certain bags are designed such that a roof bag can be used even if the car has no rack to set it up on. These bags also have different types in terms of weather protection; Water Resistant, Weatherproof, and Waterproof. This help users travel with convenience and confidence that their stuff won’t be affected by any weather that gets in their way while traveling.


Buying Guide

When buying a rooftop cargo carrier bag, you want to make sure that you choose the best one. However, in today’s market, a lot of these bags are sold from different brands with varied features and styles, making it quite hard to immediately know which is which. To help you more with purchasing a rooftop cargo bag below is a small guide for you to know.

You should determine the size of the cargo bag that will fit on your car’s roof. You can do so by measuring the size of the space available on your car’s roof then compare it to the bags of your choice.

Roof rack cargo bags can be installed on the distance between the rails of the car that has roof racks. For cars with no racks, roof bags can be installed on the flattest portion of the roof.

Determine the bag size that is required for the number of things you’re putting in it. Knowing the weight capacity of your roof bag can increase the convenience you’ll get while traveling with it as you’ll know how much to include in it or how heavy it should be to make it stable while on top.
Be aware of the weather protection feature that the bag has. Basically, the higher the level of weather protection it has, the higher the price of the bag has.

A cargo carrier bag with waterproof properties is made with a waterproof material with welded seams and Velcro zipper flap with a urethane coated zipper. A weatherproof cargo bag is made of the same material with the waterproof bag, with welded seams. It also has Velcro zipper flap with a regular zipper, in which water can go through. A water-resistant bag is also made of waterproof material with sewn seams and a Velcro or Non-Velcro zipper flap. It also comes with a regular zipper.

One of the biggest companies that distribute such bags is the Thule Group. The company sees to it that the Thule cargo bags fit everyone’s needs, providing the essential storage these bags are for.


7 Best Rooftop Cargo Bags

In this section, roof bag reviews are made to guide and help you more with the rooftop cargo bags available in the market today, aside from the well-known Thule cargo bags. Here’s the list of the 7 top choices of the best rooftop cargo bags:

1. Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bag

This waterproof rooftop cargo bag assures you that your things are protected from the unpredictable weather while on the road. With its 44″ x 34″ x 17″ overall size, it’s specifically designed such that it fits on the roof racks of the car with its four-side attachment capabilities. The bag comes with the heavy-duty construction of rubber laminated nylon that can handle bulky items, with the help of its soft-sided design. The Keeper waterproof carrier bag can be folded up in a small storage size for later use and can be attached to and removed from the car’s roof with ease.


  • The bag has an overall size of 44″ x 34″ x 17″
  • Its soft side design helps fit bulky items
  • The waterproof cargo bag protects the belongings from the sun, rain, and wind
  • The product is designed such that it can fit all roof racks with four-side attachment capabilities
  • It greatly increases the car’s cargo space


  • The bag’s waterproof feature isn’t strong enough to withstand heavy rains
  • The buckles that come with the product would have been better if it were made of metal and not plastic
  • During strong travel conditions, the bag might break easily or develop small rips or holes


2. SHIELD JACKET Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Luggage Travel Bag

Shield Jacket’s waterproof rooftop cargo bag features a spacious storage room for your belongings, providing 15 cubic feet of safe storage during trips, long or short. This waterproof bag is best used in cars or vans with roof rack installed. It’s completely weatherproof with its welded seam and heavy-duty construction, providing luggage protection against rain, snow, sun, and wind. The bag is designed to have 8 built-in tie straps for easier installation. The bag can conveniently hold big and bulky belongings with its overall size of 43″ x 34″ x 17″ and soft-sided design. When not in use, the bag can be folded and stored anywhere.


  • The bag offers a spacious room for belongings storage during trips
  • It is made with quality materials, providing weatherproof protection while traveling
  • Foldable design so you can store it anywhere when not in use
  • It comes with 8 straps to provide easy installation
  • The product is a bit inexpensive


  • With extreme travel conditions, the bag might have small tears or holes. In addition, the strap might break off easily
  • During heavy rains, water might go through the zippers.


3. Reese Explore 1041100 Rainproof Car Top Carrier

Reese Explore’s car top carrier is specifically designed to store your belongings safe while traveling. It fits all vehicles with installed roof racks so you won’t have to worry if it will fit on your car, as long as it has roof racks. The ease of attaching the bag to the car’s roof is provided as it comes with securing straps. The bag is rainproof and will greatly protect your stuff from the unpredictable weather, especially rain, which might get in your way when on the road.


  • Easy roof installation with straps
  • The bag can fit on all vehicles with roof racks
  • Added luggage protection as it’s rain proof.


  • During heavy rain, water might get through the zipper
  • Small holes might develop from certain traveling conditions
  • It’s hard to mount and shape while packing.


4. Waterproof Canvas Cargo Storage by Vault

This cargo bag provides additional cargo storage when traveling. It comes with a ratchet or lashing straps used to attach it to the car’s roof. The bag is constructed of heavy-duty canvas that helps for the protection of the luggage. For additional safety, use the roof bag’s protective mat and strap.


  • This rooftop cargo bag has 15 cubic feet of capacity
  • The bag is made of canvas for additional traveling protection
  • The straps make it easy to attach the bag to the car’s roof
  • The product increases the storage of the car


  • The word “Waterproof” on its name doesn’t really mean the bag is waterproof


5. Keeper 07204 Black Premium Waterproof Cargo Bag

Keeper’s premium waterproof cargo bag features 15 cubic feet of space, providing additional storage for your big and bulky luggage. Its waterproof design protects your belongings from sun, wind, rain, and grit, during long or short travels. The bag’s soft-sided design fit odd-shaped stuff conveniently. The bag can be folded for storage and later use.


  • The waterproof cargo bag offers additional space for essential belongings.
  • The product is designed to provide protection on your luggage while on the road.
  • The bag has an overall size of 44″ x 37″ x 17″.
  • It can be folded for easier storage when not in use.


  • Heavy rain might get water through its zipper.
  • It might develop small rips during certain traveling conditions.


6. G4Free Car Top Carrier

This extra large waterproof cargo carrier bag has an overall size of 55″ x 37″ x 15.8″, providing protection against unpredictable weather conditions during road trips. The bag comes with seatbelt-style straps that are 3000 lbs strong that are designed to secure the cargo bag on your vehicle, even without a roof rack installed.


  • The extra large waterproof cargo carrier provides protection against weather, especially the rain
  • It comes with strong straps that secure your luggage
  • The materials used in this bag are polyester fabrics with waterproof PVC coating and 8 Velcro zipper flaps


  • The seams get rips easily
  • The flap and the zipper might break easily


7. Rightline Gear 100S20 Sport 2 Car Top Carrier

This waterproof carrier is constructed from PVC semi-coated mesh and Hydrotuff Material that are sewn and welded together to provide water resistance. The urethane-coated zipper also keeps the water out. The bag is specifically designed for vehicles even without a roof rack installed.


  • It has a capacity of 15 cubic feet
  • The bag can be attached to the vehicle through different methods
  • The carrier is designed for strong water resistance.


  • The product lacks durability



This is the end of this roof bag review article, tackling the top 7 picks of the best rooftop cargo bags available in today’s market. Hope you found it helpful.

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