Best Outdoor and Camping Blogs

22 Best Outdoor and Camping Blogs 2024

(Last Updated: February 20, 2020)

Every nature enthusiast knows the importance of a quality blog you can trust. It will save you a couple of late nights sitting at your desk with your computer trying to search for the best camping gear or nearby travel destinations.

We want you to enjoy the best of nature and save the research for us. Our comprehensive list of best outdoor websites is all you need to have the right information readily available.

In our opinion, all the sites we have on our list have amazing content to keep you informed and entertained. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

1. 50 Campfires

50 Campfires

This is among the best camping blogs with great camping content. You can get information on food recipes, tips on how to make your camping experience better and reviews on gear.

In addition, you can filter information depending on your location. This allows you to get destination suggestions near you instead of searching them on your own.




If you would like to get your own RV and you live in North America, then you will definitely love this site. A high-quality blog that includes a list of different RVs for sale.

Whatever RV type you have in mind, you can get it from this site. They have a huge catalog of camping vehicles. You can shop by the size you want. They also provide a buying guide and tips on how to get the right RV.


3. RV Travel

RV Travel

Get to learn about RV camping from the experts. Among the many rv camping blogs, RV Travel gives you full access to their massive collection of articles. All their material is enough to help you appreciate and enjoy the RV lifestyle.

You can get anything from great destinations to information on how to take care of your vehicle. They also have a list of handy resources available where you can highlight poor service providers.


4. Reddit RV’ers

Reddit RV’ers

This is a huge community of RV fanatics. You can get advice and information on anything you need concerning road trip destinations or places to avoid.

It is full of active members dedicated to sharing their experience with the world. Be ready to have your timeline full of stunning photos of vehicles and interesting reviews.


5. Wild Magazine

Wild Magazine

If you have a thing for stunning outdoor photography, you can get plenty of that from this blog. The site has been active for 30 years. It has remarkable editorials and useful tips for climbers and hikers.

You can get reviews on a variety of gear. From child carriers, waterproof pants to mosquito repellants.

  • Website:
  • Location: Australia
  • Established: 1989
  • Facebook: 16K+ followers
  • Twitter: 1.2K+ followers


6. Lotsafreshair

If you want to enjoy the outdoors to the maximum, you need to start reading this blog. It has tips and tricks of making your adventures memorable.

Caro Ryan runs the site and she has a beautiful, outgoing spirit. There are food reviews and, health and fitness articles to get you in the perfect mood for going outside.


7. Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal

For a great outdoor adventure experience, the blog provides you with tips on how to use your 2WD as an off-road. You get to view the latest information on adventure vehicles.

The site features beautiful photography and plenty of gear reviews. There is also a dedicated section for bikers.


8. Adventure Nation

Adventure Nation

This is one of the best outdoor adventure blogs where you experience an entire world of escapades. The site has information on wildlife destinations, interesting festivals and the latest outdoor activities happening around the world.

It has vibrant stories under adventure diaries. This blog is perfect if you want to find great adventures and meet new people.


9. Camping World

Camping World

This is the perfect guide for all your outdoor activities. You can access information about RVs, hiking tips, camping recipes, and interesting stories.

In addition, they have a podcast where different people share their own adventures and personal thoughts.


10. The Planet D

For all travel couples out there, meet Dave and Deb. This beautiful couple shares inspirational stories, travel tips, and amazing photography.

You can view destination suggestions from 110 countries they have visited so far. They also include handy resources you can use to make your travel experience better. From tour companies to travel gear.

  • Website:
  • Location: Canada
  • Established: 2009
  • Facebook: 197.6K+ followers
  • Twitter: 134K+ followers


11. Snowys


When it comes to outdoors blogs, you can never go wrong with Snowys. It has relevant articles on the essentials you need for a perfect trip.

There are different sections for camping, hiking, and travel.


12. Bearfoot Theory

Bearfoot Theory

Sometimes all you need is a bit of empowerment to appreciate the outdoors. Bearfoot Theory has the right amount of exciting information about backpacking, camping, and hiking to help you plan an awesome trip.


13. Make My Trip

Make My Trip

This is the ideal blog for anyone interested in amazing travel tours to beautiful destinations. The site caters to all adventurous individuals with different interests. Be it backpacking or mountain biking.


14. Go RVing


There is no better experience than traveling to beautiful destinations with your RV. This blog is a dedication to every individual who loves the RV lifestyle. You can get news updates, stories, and multiple RV tips.

  • Website:
  • Location: United States
  • Established: 2008
  • Facebook: 778.9K+ followers
  • Twitter: 28K+ followers


15. Beyond The Tent

Beyond The Tent

If you are a camping enthusiast, you need to visit this site. It has a list of wonderful gear and outdoor guides. You can learn about how to choose a tent or even about camping lanterns.


16. Section Hiker

Section Hiker

Getting the right gear is easy if you get credible information. Not only does this site have plenty of gear reviews, but it also has amazing backpacking tips.

There are a couple of outdoor lifestyle blogs and Section Hiker is among the best.

  • Website:
  • Location: United States
  • Established: 2009
  • Facebook: 18.4K+ followers
  • Twitter: 8.3K+ followers


17. Good Sam

Good Sam

You need to bookmark this site for details on campground discounts and RV tips. Apart from that, you can get information on the best adventure activities. It is one of the best camping blogs, especially for RV campers.

  • Website:
  • Location: United States
  • Established: 2009
  • Facebook: 271.6K+ followers
  • Twitter: 19.1K+ followers


18. Camping Ireland

Camping Ireland

This blog has interactive outdoor articles to give you great holiday ideas. By putting your location, you can search for the best camping destinations. You can check if a place has the type of camping you prefer.

Whether you want to pitch a tent or use your RV, there is something for everyone.


19. Clever Hiker

Clever Hiker

To all backpackers in need of essential tips, Clever Hiker is your go-to place. You can access information about the best gear to use and tips on how to make backpacking trips easier.


20. Camping For Foodies

Camping For Foodies

Food is important when you go camping. Not junk, but a healthy meal. This blog has plenty of recipes you can try the next trip you visit the outdoors.


21. Dirty GOURMET


Cooking outside enjoying the night sky can be fun or hell. It all depends on how prepared you are. This site has amazing recipes you can try the next time you go camping.

There are different recipes appropriate for diverse activities. If you are backpacking, you can get tasty, easy meals under their “Backpacking recipes”. Other categories include Picnic, Day trip, bike touring, and car camping.


22. Leisure Vans

Leisure Vans

This is an all-inclusive blog. It has information on RVs, travel stories, recipes and a list of events. You can never go wrong with this website. They have an incredible list of tips, great for beginners and experienced campers.



This list covers the best blog sites for an interactive experience. You can learn new tips about backpacking, camping or hiking. We believe that each site has quality content you can use to plan for your next trip.

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