Best Flag Poles for RVs and Travel Trailers

5 Best Flag Poles for RVs and Travel Trailers 2024

(Last Updated: July 27, 2020)

RV flag poles have grown to become a must-have for many campers. However, identifying the right flag pole and how to display your flag can be a bit tricky. If you live in your RV then probably you tend to travel a lot. In that case, your flag pole and mounts must be portable.

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Camco Portable Telescoping Aluminum Flagpole (20 Feet) 9.5
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FlagPole Buddy RV Flag Pole Kit (16 Feet) 9.3
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FlagPole Buddy RV Flag Pole Kit (16 Feet) 9.1
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Yeshon Telescopic Aluminium Flag Pole (20 Feet) 9.1
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Flagpole-To-Go Ultimate Tailgaters Package (15 Feet) 9.0

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An effective flag pole will often come with a sturdy bracket that allows you to put up and take down the pole as needed. It should also come with hooks for flag hanging as well. In this buying guide, we outline the basic information you need to find yourself the best flag poles for your RV.


Factors to consider when getting a flag pole for your RV and Travel trailer

Finding the right flag pole to fit your needs can prove to be difficult. You, therefore, need to look at some key considerations to ensure you buy the best flag pole. These considerations include:

Extension length

You do not want to have a flag pole that is too high to the extent that it becomes unstable when the wind blows. On the other hand, a very short flag pole might not hold your flag properly in a manner that it is easily visible to people. The average height of a flagpole is around 15 feet.


The material used in the manufacture of any product is very important, more so if the product is used outside. There are several materials used to make flag poles. These include aluminum, fiberglass, steel, and alloy metals. Consider going for one made of fiberglass material, as it has a mixture of the best features from both aluminum and plastic. This makes it easy to store away since they are quite light.


Consider a flag pole that is easy to put up and pull down, although strong enough not to fall off easily. Some flag poles are designed to be installed permanently while others temporarily. To help you determine which mounting to use, look at the area you plan to place your flag pole.

Single or multi-flag use

Some flag poles are made in such a way that they can hold multiple flags. Where you plan to display more than one flag, be sure to get a pole that allows you to do so. Otherwise, check the product specs before buying so that you get the right pole for your needs.

Weather concerns

Consider the weather in your area before making your purchase. Areas with persistent high winds may require you to go for much stronger poles and mounting that can withstand the strong winds. This will avoid instances where you find your pole being blown away or breaking due to strong winds.


Get flag poles that are flexible enough to bend with the wind. Poles that are too stiff tend to break easily with high winds. On the other hand, it should again not bend too easily as it may not look the best or it may even end up breaking completely


The weight of the pole should be within reason. Neither too heavy nor too light. Remember that you are going to be hauling it and storing it in your RV or trailer. Every pound adds to your hauling capacity.

Extra accessories

Some manufacturers give extra parts that go with the flag pole. It would be a great purchase if you received a full kit with all the installation parts included. These extras may include things such as a carrying bag.


Features of a flag pole

Flag poles that come with additional features go a long way in making your purchase a good investment. Some of these features:

Rotating pole

Some of the modern flag poles have a rotating option, allowing a portion of the pole to blow in the wind along with the flag. This allows your flag to be constantly visible since it does not wrap itself around the pole even at times of high winds.

Solar light

Some of the flag poles come with solar-powered lights at the very top. During the day they absorb energy which is used to light up your flag at night. This feature is especially beneficial if you want to keep your flag up and lit overnight.

Decorative topper

Flag poles that come with a decorative topper add an extra style. Toppers such as eagles and stars make your pole ‘stand out’ especially where your trailer is parked together with so many others.


Benefits of flag posts on RVs and travel trailers


Adding a flagpole to your RV enhances the general outlook of your vehicle. Once you replace your flag pole with a new one that comes with the necessary protection, it can stay for years without rust or corrosion. It makes your trailer look brand new.

Shows support

Most of the time, you get flag poles in order to show support for your sports team, country or anything you believe or want to be associated with. Flag poles allow you to fly your flag up high for everyone to see.

Spread of information

A flag allows you to spread information in a cheaper way. You can easily inform people about a course or event by simply putting up a flag on your pole

Having a flagpole is a pretty good way of helping you find your camper especially in a big field of campers or a crowded place. It is also a good way to advertise your business while still enjoying your camping trip. 



Review of the Best Flag Poles for RV and Travel Trailers 2024


1. Camco Portable Telescoping Aluminum Flagpole (20 Feet)

The Portable Telescoping Flagpole is among the best flag poles for RVs. It comes with both a foot and amount. The pole is made of anodized aluminum, making it rust-proof. This means it can last for years without being eaten up by corrosion. You need not worry if you are looking for a flag that will enable you to attain the maximum height. This Camco flagpole is constructed with a push button as well as a lock system. These two features serve their purpose to ensure that you achieve the upper limit of the flag post’s stature anytime you want to. It is also capable of extending up to 20’ and collapsing to 64″.

The pole’s incorporated hardware lets you fly two flags at the same time. You can as well fly your flag at half-mast. With this flag post, you not only get all you need to get your flag up but also a storage bag and a US flag as a bonus.


  • Lightweight
  • Extendable and collapsible
  • Corrosion-free
  • Comes with a storage bag and a US flag


  • Not recommendable for flags with a small diameter
  • Can’t go down the road with a mounted flag


2. FlagPole Buddy RV Flag Pole Kit (16 Feet)

In case you’re one of those who are tired of hiking to the top of your RV and taking a lot of time to fly your flag- only to realize it’s not strong enough to withstand the winds, you are in for a treat with the Flagpole Buddy RV flagpole. The strong and stable 16 feet fiberglass pole system is made to fit the majority of trailers and RV ladders.

This flag pole can take in multiple flags of up to 3’ x 5’.  After the installation, you can simply put up or remove any flag you want. The system’s key is the patented spin twirl holder next to the peak of the ladder. Its mount enables the pole to be set up from the ground and give powerful support. It also has a cup mount at the lower side to protect the base of the flagpole. The pole isn’t fastened to the ladder; hence it rotates freely with the wind speed.


  • Easy installation
  • Strong to withstand strong winds
  • Collapsible to make storage easy
  • Can hold multiple flags


  • Highly-priced


3. FlagPole Buddy RV Flag Pole Kit (16 Feet)

This Flagpole Buddy is just what you need to take your flag to the air and display your patriotic spirit, team pride, or publicize your company to everyone with the flag of your choice. With it, putting up and taking down a flag is easy. It is a perfect match for RV flags. The kit is equipped with everything you need, including the upper and lower holder, nuts and bolts, connector clips, extending pole, ball topper, US Flag, and all other necessary items. This saves you a lot of time and trouble that often come with the installation. 

Another great thing about this flagpole is its sturdy construction. It is made of strong anodized aluminum with a seamless finish. The pole can withstand extremely blustery weather, even the most severe wind of the deserts. It also extends 6 ft to 12 ft. It is an ideal portable flag pole for camping.


  • Trouble-free installation
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Accommodates two flags


  • A bit less durable than others


4. Yeshon Telescopic Aluminium Flag Pole (20 Feet)

This telescopic aluminum flag post comes with 16 gauge heavy-duty aluminum tubes. It is sturdy enough to be used outdoors, and corrosion-proof for that matter. For more security and firmness of the pole, you can dig a hole that’s deeper than 16’ when installing it. If you wish to fly two flags at once, it has two sections that can accommodate flags of up to 3 ft independently. You can fly the flags in any position you like.

To prevent the flag from dangling- most likely on a stormy day, the flag post has a rotating shaft at its top. Dismantling the flag post is recommended in case of severe weather. The setup process will not cause you much headache. With the right instructions, your flag pole ought to be installed and serving its purpose in minutes. The twist locking system features revolving lock amid the sections (pulley design) that makes it possible to adjust the poles easily. 


  • Can accommodate 2 flags
  • Hoisting and lowering is easy
  • Rust-proof


  • Telescoping to another height is a challenge
  • Less durable


5. Flagpole-To-Go Ultimate Tailgaters Package (15 Feet)

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who also loves to display your national or team pride wherever you go? If yes, here is a flag pole that would easily be your favorite. The Tailgaters package is a portable flag pole kit. It is compact and lightweight, which makes it ideal for activities such as tailgating, games, camping, or beach visit.

This flag pole is made of high quality and durable aluminum. You can extend it up to 15’ in length and use it to hold all various sizes of flags. It also collapses to 4’ long and 2’ long for easy storage or transportation. The adjustable climbs enable you to fly one or two flags. It has two that make your installation work quite a breeze. In addition, it is fitted with a locking action that prevents parts from collapsing as you extend


  • Can hold flags of different sizes
  • Collapsible and expandable
  • Installation is quick and effortless


  • May slam on the side of your RV on strong winds



Campgrounds provide the space for you to relax as well as enjoy getting to know and hang out with other people. Having a personalized flag on your RV or trailer can go a long way in welcoming everyone to your site as well as let them know that you are happy to be there as well. Some flag poles are temporarily mounted on your RV and are more portable. On the other hand, permanent flag poles require you to secure them, such as bolting them. It is important to find waterproof flag poles that can stand up to harsh weather while still being lightweight and portable.

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